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  1. rusty.hook

    Skeeter wooden bass boat plans/drawing, anyone have any?

    Baytown, Texas wooden Skeeter boat fleet. A fleet of wooden Skeeters I can guarantee you have never seen so many wooden Skeeters in your life unless you were at Holmes Thurmond Skeeter boat factory in Schreveport, La. back in the late 40's or early to mid 50's! The two dark green boats with...
  2. rusty.hook

    Skeeter wooden bass boat plans/drawing, anyone have any?

    Almost finished with the model, pic below of the boat, it is 14 1/2" long. A great challenge. A hobbie shop owner named Robert, here in Baytown, from Razor Hobbies did most of the work. See pic below.
  3. rusty.hook

    Will A Saratoga plane off with a new yamaha 15hp 4stroke

    Load everything to back or center as much as possible. Buy a whales tail or stablizer for your motor. Come out one notch on the motors bracket at a time until you find the right spot. If the motor is all the way against the transom you will not be able to plane easy or never. One notch out and a...
  4. rusty.hook

    Skeeter wooden bass boat plans/drawing, anyone have any?

    I maybe not be able to get into a boat and fish anymore, but I sure can build one! I have approx 20 or more pics of different angles of two different year wood Skeeter bass boat and approx the same of the fiberglass Skeeter boat. I am now in the process of trying to building a 14" to 18" balsa...
  5. rusty.hook

    Learning to Fish with Artificial Lures

    My suggestion is to take any color of 6" plastic worm that is good in your area and try what we used here in Texas, we called the Wacky Worm. Curly tail or in some cases a straight tail tail, whatever they were hitting that day. Take a 3/0 worm hook and hook it thru the worm sack or in the...
  6. rusty.hook

    Home made "Bait Mate"

    When I was bass fishing years back, I would put Oil of Annice in the bag of plastic worms I was going to use the next day, worked pretty good. Buy it at any drugstore.
  7. rusty.hook

    Sufix 832

    I have used Power Pro, and Suffix 832, but the best of all for me was Fins. I had a tremendous less amount of back lashes with the Fins Windtamer braid, cost a little more but well worth it in the long run. In the salt here on the Gulf Coast fishing for specs, reds and flounder, I used Fins...
  8. rusty.hook

    Post your best bait

    One of my best ever top waters here in Texas was a Cordell Boy Howdy. I removed both spinners front and back, and added some very small solder wrapped around the tail. I had it in my kitchen sink so I could make the proper adjustments. You want the bait to still about 1/3 out of the water at an...
  9. rusty.hook

    Not what I wanted to Catch 9-18-12

    Hey, at least ya caught something, maybe next time ya might catch some fesh. Last year a big pelican flew down and caught my jig and man ya talking about a fight, wow, those big boogers are real mean!
  10. rusty.hook

    My Fishing Days Are Over and A sad day for me.

    My Fishing Days Are Over: I want to thank Jim and all the tinboats network members for putting up with me and my dumb arse mouth sometimes. Hey I am on meds, so I have an excuse ok! LOL I have met some great folks on here and have fished with a few, laughed and told some stories. Good fishing...
  11. rusty.hook

    Hitch extenders

    Install these pole lights and you will never have a problem seeing or a problem with your lights not working again. I used what a poster on this forum showed how he mounted his, but I bought the lights from a trailer supply co. Loews, Home Depot had the ladder extension kit, just cut in half and...
  12. rusty.hook

    Light problems

    I agree with the above posters about running all electrical items including troll motor on a separate battery, should not ever have a problem again. On the other hand if they drain your new battery then you have more electrical problems that need to be replaced or repaired.
  13. rusty.hook

    where to mount a bow trolling motor on a 1542

    Yes, the big foot switch is an off and on switch you can mount anywhere. Just cut you negative/black wire from the troll motor to the battery and I use HD squeeze connectors and coat with liquid rubber. See my drawing below, just click on the drawing and it will get bigger. Hope this helps.
  14. rusty.hook

    Trolling motor/battery issue

    The first thing I do when I get everything cleaned up it to put the battery on charge with a manual charger. I had a problem with one of those on board chargers from Motorguide and it lasted about 6 months. Went fishing and the troll motor battery was dead. Now I do not trust those things.
  15. rusty.hook

    Trolling motor/battery issue

    I cant believe you fished with someone else, you cheater! LOL Hey ol folks I hope he charged you more than I did. When ya get back down to Gods country, I'l take ya out again for free this time!!!. LOL
  16. rusty.hook

    where to mount a bow trolling motor on a 1542

    I always mount my troll motor on the left side to provide more room to get in and of my boat. My last 5 boats have all been semi-vee models with exception of 1. I use the hand operated fold out bracket model with big foot switch mounted on the floor. With the hand operated model I don't have the...
  17. rusty.hook

    Bassboy1 trailer tips article.

    I added these guide ons with lights. Either with or without lights it would help a bunch. Mine has the lights, helps light up the ramp in the dark also when the brakes are applied. Also when backing up, use the bottom of the steering wheel to back up, not the top. If you need to turn left then...
  18. rusty.hook

    Electrical Gremlin

    Pics please
  19. rusty.hook

    OK, another question

    I had my bracket built at a welding shop here in town, he owed me a big favor so we bartered out, LOL