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    New Project 14' 1960 Lone Star

    Thank you. I had my dad help me with the welding on the aluminum. I think it is slowly shaping up. Just not enough hours in the day to work with it.
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    New Project 14' 1960 Lone Star

    Here are a few pictures of what I have gotten done so far. Got the floor and front deck built and carpeted and am starting to get it painted.
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    New Project 14' 1960 Lone Star

    Got a little bit of work done on her. Just about got all 7 layers of paint off and ready to put my Gluv-it on the seams, then prime and repaint. Also got my frame for my deck just about done. It helps having a dad thats a retired welder. Welded to the ribs going across and riveted everything...
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    How old is your tin boat?

    1960 Lonestar with a 1960 Sea King 6 HP Outboard. Definitely a work in progress.
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    14 foot starcraft project for this year

    I like those supports. did you just rivet them in there at the top and then screw them into the floor?
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    Decking-When and when not to.

    I am planning on removing the middle seat in my new purchase and laying a lower deck, basically just a floor in the middle section. Structurally what are yalls thoughts as far as having enough support across the middle if I do that?
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    New Project 14' 1960 Lone Star

    I am going to run to the store today and buy my aluminum angle and tubing for my deck frame. My question is, all I am seeing at Lowes/Home Depot is 1/16" thick. In reading some of the other posts, is that too thin? Do I need to go ahead and order the 1/8" thick stuff online?
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    New Project 14' 1960 Lone Star

    The first line in that book says "Boating is a lot like marriage" LOL. The book was published by the Outboard Boating Club of America in 1965. It is really a cool old book.
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    New Project 14' 1960 Lone Star

    After several months of searching and checking out all you guys builds, I finally took the plunge and am now the owner of a 1960 Lone Star V hull 14 footer. Now I just have to figure out what exactly I am going to be doing with it. It came with a trailer, outboard and trolling motor. I couldn't...