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  1. Troutman3000

    Fisher 1860AW... New Boat -- New Construction

    Glad I stopped by over here. This one should be good.
  2. Troutman3000

    Did I steal this?

    Thats a great buy man! I would have glady given 750 for that. The motor is worth more than that by itself.
  3. Troutman3000

    $.88 packs of sinkos at acedemy link inside.

    .61 cents now!!!!!!!
  4. Troutman3000

    Marine Rivets & Rivet Gun

    Got any Pictures? Im not sure what size I need. Do you measure the size of the whole that you are filling? And how long should they be?
  5. Troutman3000

    New addition to the family

    If your man card has any edges left you arent really married!
  6. Troutman3000

    Marine Rivets & Rivet Gun

    Where did you find these. I have a boat that I am about to start working on.
  7. Troutman3000

    boat carpet

    Capri carpet. Distributes to bass pro and a lot cheaper than buying from bps.
  8. Troutman3000

    Carters Lake - My first Striper trip

    Who did you go with on Carters? Nice fish though, if you really want to catch some big stripers go out with Jeff Balir on Lanier. He always catches big fish.
  9. Troutman3000

    1648 Landau Duck Boat "The Dirty Oar"

    That thing is slick. Everything looks professional grade. Good Job Man.
  10. Troutman3000

    Problem with 30hp mariner 85 model

    I am no expert but if you have to prime it again you may need a fuel pump.
  11. Troutman3000

    Hudson River stripers

    Nice, What did you catch them on? Those are gonna fry up nice! Jason
  12. Troutman3000


    Wow, that was a really great read. Thanks Chris.
  13. Troutman3000

    5/5/11 Linesides

    Wowzers at that snake!
  14. Troutman3000

    Free motor, well almost

    Awesome. Probably get a little better performance if you notch it back a spot or two to get it up a little higher. But if your happy with then thats all that matters.
  15. Troutman3000

    Fishin with an Eagle

    Is that Eagle on house arrest? He has an ankle monitor.
  16. Troutman3000

    1st striper (ever)

    GOOD LUCK! Take pictures!
  17. Troutman3000

    1st striper (ever)

    HAWGS! You will be hooked now, it gets in your blood.
  18. Troutman3000

    Steelflex inside?

    GLuv it on the inside. Steelflex on the outside.
  19. Troutman3000

    We finally did it!