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  1. RaisedByWolves

    Do it yourself honing?

    I did a Suzuki for my nephew years back. He brought a box of parts to my 4th of July party and we semi drunkenly built a bike out of it. The cylinder was oversized and tapered when we were finished(.010 over) but doing this on a lark out of a &50 assortment of semi matching parts we didn’t...
  2. RaisedByWolves

    72 johnson 20hp broke on me need help please....

    What the hell……:eek:
  3. RaisedByWolves

    Do it yourself honing?

    Check the bores to see if there egg shaped first. If not or even if they are but within spec check piston clearance. If that all checks out a hone and new rings should be good for inshore work.
  4. RaisedByWolves

    1972 Johnson 25Hp Refurbish

    There’s a word you don’t hear everyday. I think they have a pill for that now though.
  5. RaisedByWolves

    77’ 25 hp evinrude ate carpet

    I use the bait blocks made for the big Tomcat bait box. They have a hole in the middle and you can wire tie them where needed. Started doing this to all my equipment after the little shitters built a nest in the air cleaner of my Kubota. I hate meeses to peeces!
  6. RaisedByWolves

    25hp for a 20hp hull

    ^^^^^This^^^^^ Put the battery in the bow and fuel forward. I’m just over 300 with the same size boat and need to consider these things carefully. I have mine balanced well enough that it runs fine with me solo or with the wife in front. My hydrofoil is a big part of that but weight...
  7. RaisedByWolves

    77’ 25 hp evinrude ate carpet

    Your carpet muncher is probably fine at this point. Whatever went through it is gone now.
  8. RaisedByWolves

    Part Wanted 1969 14’ Mirrocraft

    I told my wife I should keep my seats when I removed them and try and sell them. She convinced me to take them with the scrap to the scrapyard. Shipping would be a ***** anyway.
  9. RaisedByWolves

    1981 Merc 50hp 2 stroke problem

    I would clean the carb first and if that doesn’t help check the fuel pump by squeezing the bulb during/before that transition.
  10. RaisedByWolves

    1972 Johnson 25Hp Refurbish

    That hole is for the start button. Your wired may enter right under the starter near the fuel connector. Rectangular hole coming up from underneath.
  11. RaisedByWolves

    Well i had to try....

    Looks like you did a nice neat job. Machinist? I can guarantee you one of two things will happen, it will work or it won’t. Was going to say I have a spare power head if this doesn’t work, but Hanover is not as close as I thought.
  12. RaisedByWolves

    Need help finding part numbers for my 9.9/15 tiller????

    Hey, a neighbor! Have a pretzel for me.
  13. RaisedByWolves

    New to boats - help me with motor decision

    Wondering about this. “I know this won’t be the only thing as I’m noticing oil coming out of a few places and some dry rotted what I would assume seals.” Where is the oil coming out from and what does it smell like? I’d honestly give it a chance before rushing out and buying something else...
  14. RaisedByWolves

    Does this look OK?

    I keep a small fuel bottle handy to help diagnose issues like this. Couple squirts of fuel will not only help you diagnose the issue, it will also help save your shoulder.
  15. RaisedByWolves

    1972 Johnson 25Hp Refurbish

    That’s an insane amount of carbon. Do a lot of trolling?
  16. RaisedByWolves

    1988 Johnson 2.5 HP. How does this thing work?

    Change the impeller. These have the water exiting with the exhaust so you’ll see some come out of little holes that are above the waterline (hopefully) when running. Put a lot of hours on one of these lil paint shakers as a kid. A half gallon of gas would keep us going all day.
  17. RaisedByWolves

    1972 Johnson 25Hp Refurbish

    You’re most likely going to be low on compression on that bottom cylinder at first. Running it and “heat cycling” 4-5 times it may free up the rings if they are stuck and you will want to do this before taking it out on the water.
  18. RaisedByWolves

    40 HP pees but still overheat alarm at speed

    As mentioned start with the pump. If the pump “looks” ok it needs replaced. If it’s chunked there’s your overheating issue, pieces of the impeller clogging your cooling passages. This will let it run ok at low speed, but block sufficient flow to cool properly under power. Hope it’s not that...
  19. RaisedByWolves

    25hp Johnson trouble

    Pappys bolded posting style threw me at first, but I just chalked it up to his posting style and went with it. Never saw the need to get emotional about it. Pappy: Don’t get shocked! Op: Wah, you’re mean I quit…..takes ball and goes home.
  20. RaisedByWolves

    30 Hp carb on a 25 Hp Evinrude

    There are two different intakes. The two different Hp ratings can be achieved different ways and one intake shrouds the reeds and the other one does not. The one that shrouds the reeds is also 1/8” shallower than the “Good” one. BRB, going to look for a pic. Found it This is the one you...