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  1. BloodStone

    The good old days

    This is easy enough to sum up... The older generations by & large never considered themselves "victims" while growing up. We weren't raised with an entitlement mentality but, one of rugged individualism & responsibility with a gratitude for growing up in America where your success or failure in...
  2. BloodStone

    12' Lone star semi-V with broken

    This is the option I'd go with & have him (or her) reinforce the damaged areas with additional aluminum wherever & whenever possible (see if the welding instructor for the welding class could add his/her 2 cents in). No bolts/rivets, no goop & no leaking (IF it's welded correctly). Hard to beat...
  3. BloodStone


    Sounds like various episodes/skits/pranks from the MTV movie/TV show "Jackass" only funnier. But as the late, great Paul Harvey would say; "And now the rest of the story...." "While the husband was away doing whatever, the still mad-as-Hell wife, proceeded to take all of her hubby's fishing &...
  4. BloodStone

    Need Fishfinder Recommendation/Advise...

    Took the 'Nestea plunge' & bought one yesterday. Had to call the Indiana BP store & have them ship it up to the Detroit store (their cost) just to get my grubby mitts on one. Paid for it yesterday & should be ready to pick up in 2 weeks or less. Comes with everything in the ad (aka free Lowrance...
  5. BloodStone

    Need Fishfinder Recommendation/Advise...

    Bass Pro has the Lowrance Elite 5 HDI with cover slip & a free lake insight map card right now for $299.00 at their Spring Classic sale going on till Sunday. Unfortunately they sold out at the BP near my house & there are no rain checks :cry: .
  6. BloodStone

    Need Fishfinder Recommendation/Advise...

    Looking to get a New fish finder/graph for my newest 16' V-hull aluminum boat project that I'll be returning to come springtime (or at least when the temps here in Michigan get out of the subzero range & into the mid 40's). I use to just buy a $80.00-$100.00 Eagle fish finder (or find a decent...
  7. BloodStone

    2hp kicker motor - Worth adding it?

    Questions to ask yourself... 1) How big is the boat you're putting the 2hp on? 2) How old is your main motor compared to the 2hp ob? Does both the main & 2hp use a single fuel line with a primer bulb or is it the older pressurized tank, 2 hose set up)? 3) Is your main motor the same make as the...
  8. BloodStone

    Anybody here tried out Rock River Arms LAR 47 yet?

    Just out of curiosity, what's it cost for an average box of ammo for the 300 AAC? Cost of the gun itself?
  9. BloodStone

    What do I have

    :WELCOME: Maintaining the structural integrity of that boat is a MUST. If whoever owned the boat previously removed bench seats or what-have-you that were instrumental in helping keep the structural support of that boat intact you MUST substitute with some sort of suitable bracing bracket...
  10. BloodStone

    Anybody here tried out Rock River Arms LAR 47 yet?

    Sure seems that way. I've talked to dealers (held the gun), researched the internet (youtube etc..) & I can't find one solid negative against RRA LAR-47 (accept maybe the price). I have been giving VERY serious thought to selling my WASR & getting the LAR-47 (leaning toward the Delta Carbine)...
  11. BloodStone

    Anybody here tried out Rock River Arms LAR 47 yet?

    The Ar-15 platform, with the AK-47 magazine & shoots the 7.62 x 39. If so, what's your impression & specifically why?
  12. BloodStone

    How do you store your ammo?

    Up against the furnace in cardboard boxes right next to the cans of old paint thinner. :mrgreen: ( mine is in bedroom side attic all in ammo boxes)
  13. BloodStone

    Need a motor!

    WATER TEST IT if possible! (be better if you could test it on an actual boat in the water & under a load instead of just in a barrel but..)
  14. BloodStone

    Has Anybody Ever Used This as a Boat Flooring Alternative?

    Thanks, I'll check Ebay out. :beer: But I think that if you use a good quality, outdoor carpeting adhesive that's dried thoroughly, that it should be ok. After all, it's on the bottom of the inside of a boat, glued to the floor & casting decks only. Not much air pressure there. But maybe a ss...
  15. BloodStone

    rust converter thoughts

    OSPHO is available at most ACE Hardware stores (that's where I got mine).
  16. BloodStone

    Has Anybody Ever Used This as a Boat Flooring Alternative? If so, how'd it work out for you? I looked at a set of these last night at good ole' HF & it says "waterproof"...
  17. BloodStone

    Need a motor!

    I might go with the Merc BUT, as Jasper noticed, it's not a tiller (plus as B2F pointed out, the skeg looks like it was busted once & welded/repaired-how did it happen is what I'd ask the seller). And to possibly convert this Merc to a tiller could prove to be quiet costly. Have you found any...
  18. BloodStone

    Need a motor!

    Boat2Fast gave you some good sound advise (same as mine only he elaborated more & gave you other things to watch out for). In regards to..; that motor looks like a long shaft & looks decent enough but again, follow Boat2Fast's sage advise &...
  19. BloodStone

    Need a motor!

    Well CL is almost always my 1st choice. Then Ebay & if no luck there maybe a "boat broker" or auction. However, I strongly suggest that with Ebay that you choose a somewhat local seller so you can see & hear the motor running 1st hand BEFORE you plunk down your $$ (never buy 'blind'). If...
  20. BloodStone

    Operation REVIVE!

    :WELCOME: I too share the sentiment of, thank you for your service =D> . Now onto your boat... I've looked at all the pics & all I can say is...YIKES! #-o You sir, have got a HELLUVA a lot of work ahead of you (boat builders version of Navy Seal Training if you will :lol: ). The only boat...