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  1. ben2go

    3 hp minn kota trolling motor

    Mine was a transom mount.I couldn't find the parts to repair mine, so I scrapped it a couple years ago.I needed a complete armature and brushes.Mine was run into something solid,by the PO, and drove the armature into the brushes.Parts are almost non existent for these old TMs.
  2. ben2go

    3 hp minn kota trolling motor

    Is the motor and brushes still good?What are you wanting for it?Can you post pics.These motors are not popular anymore because of their high power consumption.
  3. ben2go

    Semi-V mod questions

    Check out "decking Do's and Don'ts" link below in my signature.
  4. ben2go

    Build your own aluminum boat.

  5. ben2go

    Trailer Title and Registration

    I'm not current on PA laws.I think it would be easier to title in OH and the transfer the title to you.
  6. ben2go

    Adding a winch post and winch??

    Check the bow stop thread in my signature below.There are a few there.
  7. ben2go

    shallow drive or mud motors

    Here's a small one that you could up size the componets to handle a 20 to 25 HP motor.
  8. ben2go

    Build your own aluminum boat.

    Hey BB.Have you been on the GL forums or sent an email about your mods?I know a couple people have ask about modifying plans.They were given instructions on how to do the mods or explained why the mods shouldn't be done.
  9. ben2go

    Keep it or $ell it?

    I dunno how it would sell in OH unless you're near the big rivers.I know on the coast those trailers sale for a load.I would try yo list it in coastal areas on craig's list and possibly list it on ebay.Then sink the dough into a small used trailer and building the boat.That trailer is one heck...
  10. ben2go

    Build your own aluminum boat.

    Bassboy1 is planning to fabricate his own aluminum boat to his specs.He is an invincible high school student. :LOL2:
  11. ben2go

    semi v

    That's not mine.It's a pic from the Creastliner's resto forum.
  12. ben2go

    Home made Hyd, or electric remote steering for a small engin

    Cable set ups are way more simple and lighter also.
  13. ben2go

    semi v

    Super Seaman is a semi V
  14. ben2go

    4-stroke Eska?

    Mine is an 1980 5HP Ted Williams Gamefisher.It has no clutch,no forward,no reverse.It is a direct drive and spinning the motor 180 degrees gets it in reverse.Most of the forward/neutral motors spin 180* for reverse.
  15. ben2go

    New 5 hp motor on auction... $360 right now! Ends at 7pm

    That's a little high for a used motor.You can find new ones on sale for $599.
  16. ben2go

    POLL TIME - Please Take the poll!

    Yes and have jet OBs as a sub forum.
  17. ben2go

    anybody here ever make your own lures

    You can do that? #-o
  18. ben2go

    ESKA 9.9 HELP!!

    If you don't have spark,you'll need to pull the flywheel and replace the points and condensor.The gap setting should stamped on the plate that covers the points and condensor.You will need a flywheel puller and lots of penatrating oil to remove the flywheel.
  19. ben2go

    Decking-When and when not to.

    You're welcome.Sounds like a good plan.