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  1. mephitic

    Weighing Boats in CA Lakes???

    I can see checking paperwork and what not, but not weighing. I called BS on it, and thought I'd try the guys here :)
  2. mephitic

    Weighing Boats in CA Lakes???

    I heard today through a friend which of course heard it through another friend, that during heavy use days (holidays, etc) several California lakes (Silver Lake, Tahoe, Lake Amador, etc) will do some sort of weight test on you, your boat, and the equipment your carrying?! It was mentioned this...
  3. mephitic

    Anyone else heat with wood?

    We use wood also. I hate it! Stacking all of the wood over the summer/fall, the dry heat dries out my sinus' ... It sucks, however the electric bill over the winter is almost nil, leaving more for toys LOL
  4. mephitic

    1970 Johnson 25R70E - Painting Question

    Pappy, thanks for the site! Its looking very promising.
  5. mephitic

    Trailer tires

    The tire actually looks much better then the rim ;) ... The rim is all rusted, dirty, and peeling. You can tell the tire has some use on it, but in fairly good condition.
  6. mephitic

    Great public link with manuals for many makes of Outboards!

    Thanks for the information, finding some good stuff out there! Thanks again
  7. mephitic

    1970 Johnson 25R70E - Painting Question

    SO, I've got this motor, the lower part of it is looking pretty rough, is it possible to paint the lower half of the motor? Bring back the shine to it. If so, what type of paint would you use? What sort of prep work is involved? I assume removing everything, sanding or sandblasting, primer, etc...
  8. mephitic

    Changing Shocks On Truck

    Agreed, this is the test I've always done and hasn't lead me astray at this point. Manufactures and 3rd parties are just looking for a dollar, even when it is time to replace, they aren't to hard to do yourself. Call a buddy, get a 12 pack, and you'll be set.
  9. mephitic

    Rod build from start to finish.

    Those are pretty sweet, look great, and superb craftsmanship. Love the color combo on the accents on the rod and reel. Great job. I want one LOL
  10. mephitic

    1970 Johnson 25R70E - Shifter Question

    Thanks to both of you, cajuncook1 your notes have been very helpful and cleared up that "wondering" of what the heck goes here :) ... I learned the lesson with the vent opening first time out. Motor kept dying like it was running out of fuel. I'd pump the bulb back up, shortly after the motor...
  11. mephitic

    Guide On Project

    This seems like a great idea. Been looking at Guide Ons and holly crap are they expensive. This seems much cheaper for the same results. Thanks!
  12. mephitic

    simple tip to paint screw/bolt heads

    Great idea! I'm curious how the paint holds up to the screwdriver while putting them in?
  13. mephitic

    Useful tools for conversions and mods - sawhorses

    I built some of these about a month ago for some home projects. Love them! Good and solid. They are great to lay plywood across for a quick bench/table.
  14. mephitic

    Untitled trailer in CA

    LOL, yeah I was sorta like were am I going to put this on the boat as the CA one states to keep it with the trailer and the boat one with the boat. Ugh.
  15. mephitic

    Trailer tires

    Thanks lckstckn2smknbrls
  16. mephitic

    OutBoard Service Repair manuals

    Curious, if we already have a DropBox account, do we need to use the link to participate in this? Thanks!
  17. mephitic

    New boat I just got...

    I've been seeing some nice things around on the forum. Was thinking about doing storage in the center seats as I found out they are full of Styrofoam. So not sure if this is a good idea yet at this point :D
  18. mephitic

    Trailer tires

    When I bought my trailer, the guy threw in a spare tire, well I think he was just getting it out of his garage. It's in bad shape! I was thinking of sandblasting the rim as it's pretty rusting and painting it white to match the new ones on the trailer. The tire is off of the rim, but appears to...
  19. mephitic

    Bassboy1 trailer tips article.

    Great article, very informative. I've been looking into guide on's for my trailer. They would most certainly assist with the loading of the boat ;) ... Not sure if I want the PVC style or what at this point. Been looking around for ideas. We'll see what happens.
  20. mephitic

    Untitled trailer in CA

    So I just registered, what at the time was a never registered trailer, in California last night. After a bunch of forms and to do the DMV gave me a VIN number for the trailer as there were no markings on it. The previous owner said it was a re-furbished trailer from parts and what not. Anyways...