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  1. richg99


    I haven't had it in the water yet, but... yes, it will add substantial stability. I've added outriggers on a couple of prior kayaks. Most of the time, I found that I didn't need them. But, I'm getting older (83) and stiffer..Ha Ha., I am putting these on for an extra safety factor. I...
  2. richg99


    This is a temporary setup to try the outriggers out.
  3. richg99


    In all likelihood, it is an Outrigger float for a kayaker. It happens that I am putting two of them on my yak this week. The ones in this picture are inflatable. Many people use solid ones, too...
  4. richg99

    Easier way to raise a heavy outboard?

    re the Rafters.... certainly wouldn't hurt to put 2 - 2x4's (or 4x4s) vertically on either side of your lifting point. I'd make up a short "sandwich" of 2x4 scraps to hold the vertical boards onto the horizontal rafters.
  5. richg99

    Plywood for flooring

    How about adding 1/4 inch of material on top of the ribs to make it all level out?
  6. richg99

    Trailer upgrades……

    Re your plastic. Believe it or not, I've been covering my bunks with plastic Gutter Downspouts (cut down the middle) from Lowes for years. The current 17 ft tinny has been using the same downspouts for nine or more years. True, I don't launch and recover as often as I used to, but...give the...
  7. richg99

    2.5 hp Mercury starting problems

  8. richg99

    2.5 hp Mercury starting problems

    Dale is a VERY smart guy. I listen to him. It's funny that many outboard motors have their own little idiosyncrasies. Once learned, they behave. I had a 50 hp Johnson that wouldn't start without simply tilting it back a bit. My mechanic explained how gravity and the carburetor system that...
  9. richg99

    Cable/pulley steering vs rotary ?

    I had one occasion where the steering system let go. As Thill stated, it happened when I was crossing a wide canal, with a full-on speeding barge/towboat rig heading for me. If a guy hadn't pulled me off to the side of the canal... (my trolling motor wasn't going to make it)...I wouldn't be...
  10. richg99

    I'm back

    Welcome back. My wife and I both fought thru covid infections earlier in the Summer. She bounced back in a week or so. It took this 83-year-old fart a month or more. Take it easy for a while. You don't want a relapse.
  11. richg99

    Plywood for flooring

    Use what you have (exterior plywood) and don't worry about it. The cost of marine plywood vs exterior will be prohibitive, and to no special value on a deck/floor. I've done carpet; I've done vinyl. I preferred the vinyl, but, primarily because hooks didn't get stuck in it. Land a fish...
  12. richg99

    Lund 14' ssv : hydrofoil?

    I had Smart Tabs on every boat that I owned except one. The boats ranged from 14 to 17 feet in length. All were fiberglass Carolina Skiffs. Smart Tabs were originally designed for tin boats, though. The only boat I didn't put them on was mostly restricted to a No Wake lake. They do...
  13. richg99

    New Member Introductions!

    Any boater who tells you they never forgot the plug, probably hasn't boated much.
  14. richg99

    Spincast reels - why I use them and a tip for using braid

    It's like golf....they don't ask HOW?, they ask HOW MANY? Why not use what you like? The day I start worrying about what somebody thinks about my equipment, is the day I better hang it up.
  15. richg99

    Quest to discover more soft plastic shapes and actions ongoing

    I have a couple of 3D printers. Just for fun, I printed a mold and then melted some old worms (we all have old worms)...and poured them in. I caught a few fish on my creations, too. Fun stuff. However, I must have 50 lbs of previously purchased worms. I can either use them as-is, or melt...
  16. richg99

    Safety Issues = Power Tools

    Ahhh The last three or four posts are responding to a 2017 original post. Just FYI. I hope the guy is OK now and even sees this reminder of his special day. R
  17. richg99


    Caught this one (23 lbs) on the TVA system near Knoxville, TN a few weeks ago. The guide runs a 24 ft Tinny, so it qualifies. Ha ha
  18. richg99

    Forum changes you are seeing.

    Welcome Angie ( and howdy to my old friends). I haven't been around for awhile. Suddenly, I'm getting messages from this site again and i am enjoying it. Great to be back. richg99
  19. richg99

    Stopping plastic pollution at the source..nearly

    I think one is still left.
  20. richg99

    Stopping plastic pollution at the source..nearly

    Three posts from new "members", all in London, and all on the same day, and all for a three-year-old post. Methinks its the same poster with 3 identities. I wonder what --it--has for us next??? richg99