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  1. Butthead

    How Far to save 30 Cents/Gallon

    And this is why any time we were going to cross the border, we made sure to fill up right beforehand. And I'm with you Stove Iron, the Costco card is really good.
  2. Butthead

    Seats Right On the Finish Line

    The dad jokes are heavy in this thread. :LOL2:
  3. Butthead

    new to the site

    I have a couple of buddies that have been running the upper Potomac with 15hp props on their 16’ jon boats for many years. I personally would go with the prop over the jet, but that’s just MHO.
  4. Butthead

    10.5' John boat how it started/how it's going

    Those are certainly some interesting outriggers. You’d pay a decent amount to get them custom made and installed these days. Looks like a fun project boat!
  5. Butthead

    Adding batteries in series

    My only concern with buying a battery off Amazon is if it sh*ts the bed in two years, are you going to be able to get it replaced? I feel like most of these generic brands are here and gone quickly. Same businesses, but they just keep changing names to not have to bother with warranty concerns...
  6. Butthead

    Rod Socks

    I use rod socks every time I fish. Trying to carry 6-8 rods bunched together and not getting guides stuck on each other or on door frames…worth the cost. I even use them on my kids rods, lol. Bass Pro has a six pack for $20, so they can be had for cheap. But I’m with OTW, I made a bunch myself...
  7. Butthead

    Work and Covid

    100% telework since March. We’ve seen improved productivity overall. I personally love it. I would be willing to go into the office a couple of times a month if required, but with Zoom and Skype, it’s not necessary to be there to fully get the work done. I miss having lunch with colleagues, but...
  8. Butthead

    Need a new reel....

    I have (and had) numerous Penn reels; Fierce, Battle II, Conflict, Clash, Spinfisher. I’ve never had an issue with corrosion and only suffered a crosswind block failure and a roller bearing issue on all my reels. Their blue grease definitely protects well, but I find it gets sticky as it ages...
  9. Butthead


    Make sure to have a few extra sheer pins...snow blowers don’t like newspapers. :LOL2:
  10. Butthead

    Bunk carpet suggestions

    Interesting idea. How are you attaching the gutter to the board?
  11. Butthead

    Extending trolling motor battery wire

    This is an old thread, but I’ll add to the discussion for future searchers. I use Monster 8ga tinned OFC car audio power cable. It’s about 14’ of length running my MK 36 volt 101# TM. I’ve had that on the boat for about 8 years now with no issues.
  12. Butthead

    How Many Reel Mfg's Are There Really?

    I can't find the original information that I read about them years ago, but it was that they were making parts for all lines of Abu round reels, including the Swedish ones. Omoto also made the Big Game 9000 and 10000 for Abu. Omoto does have factories in China, in addition to Taiwan, but I have...
  13. Butthead

    Is this possible or just crazy?

    I’ve watched bow fishing guys using them to run their lights at night. Was pretty crazy with the really loud generator and the whole bow full of lights. They were using halogens though, so the light output wasn’t as great as it could have been with some LEDs. There was also an article in...
  14. Butthead

    How Many Reel Mfg's Are There Really?

    Omoto is another Taiwanese OEM manufacturer. I have a Chief. Now look at the Akios reels, haha. I’m also a Doyo fan. I heard they make a lot of the Abu low profile reels.
  15. Butthead

    mk or mg?

    Ford vs Chevy. I’m an MK guy, buddy uses MG. I like Humminbird units, he’s Lowrance. I don’t see a huge usable difference between products except I like the durability of the composite shaft, put them to the test a few times, and I’ve never needed a special prop nut to lessen vibrations and...
  16. Butthead

    A rusting tinny leads to a story of survivial

    Very cool read. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Butthead

    Just not my day.

    Even just a couple inches changes things, but is it broke so far down that it's unusable? Personally, I like retipped rods (when done right). I used to buy broken BPS Carbonlites off eBay and fix them. My buddy loves the 6'9" M XF retipped at 6'6" for jerkbaits fishing. I was using a 6'6"MF...
  18. Butthead

    Piscifun Reels

    So how do you like it? Also, do the knobs come off or are the caps just for show? I bought the KastKing version of it on a whim and I don't care for it. It's just a cheap reel. Sure, it's certainly light, but the tolerances suck, it's noisy, and...
  19. Butthead

    Just not my day.

    How far down did you break it? And look at the bright side, 1.5 times is better than double, ha-ha.
  20. Butthead

    Baitcasting eBAy Impulse buy. A good deal?

    As an owner of Chronarch E and Curado E and G reels, I don't understand why the G's get so much hate. They're good reels. What about them would disappoint someone? Yes, they do utilize some cheaper materials than the E series, but that was to meet the $159.99 price point. My personal feeling is...