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  1. Bugpac

    I havent shared in a while.

    Jim, Thank you. Jonny, I am a mold maker. I only make the molds and a few baits for myself. But I could see endless color combos here.
  2. Bugpac

    I havent shared in a while.

    But a new bait were about to release.
  3. Bugpac

    WTB bracket and hinge assembly for trolling motor

    I might look at making a aluminum bracket, Id really like to do this on my boat as well. I found the rods that bolt together fairly priced.
  4. Bugpac

    WTB bracket and hinge assembly for trolling motor

    Side Imaging transducer Bracket? This is what I was thinking about doing with mine anyhow. :)
  5. Bugpac

    Fear the beard!

    That hat is epic, Are you hording these to yourself or what?
  6. Bugpac

    Fear the beard!

    Your wife has got to love that thing, lol... Any critters living in there? lol
  7. Bugpac

    Motor guide tour 109

    36 volt, gator mount, 42" shaft, foot controlled, 5 or 6 yrs old, 650.00 tyd...
  8. Bugpac

    BaitJunkys Deals of the day

    One would hand pour one color into the mold first. Or simetimes shoot the bait one color. And cut the tails off etc and put them into the mold and reshoot the second color. Sometimes we shoot both colors in at the same time with 2 injectors.
  9. Bugpac

    Rivets on bunks ??

    I got plain old un treated. Raw pine 2x4s on my trailer. There 2 yrs old and showing zero signs of rot. No carpet..
  10. Bugpac

    It is cold.....

    I been debating this over the last 2 weeks. Im not super keen on a ventless gas due to the high humidity it creates. Could combat it with a dehumidifier tho. The oil filled electric heaters are the most economical to operate. And safest in most professionals opinions. I have a 16x24 shop with...
  11. Bugpac

    Proper battery charging

    Did you author this or clip it from a battery manufacturer..
  12. Bugpac

    SPAM PM's and Spammers in General

    Jim. You use a recaptcha for registration? I have zero spam.
  13. Bugpac

    Proper battery charging

    Not all smart chargers are fully auto to sense amp rates...
  14. Bugpac

    Proper battery charging

    If you got time. Slow is always better. 2 on the start battery. 6 on the bps.
  15. Bugpac

    Does a small deep cycle, sealed battery exist?

    Find some local battery shop that sells Ups batterys. There agm and there deep cycle. Usually you can find from 25-60.
  16. Bugpac

    Floor material preferred?

    I spent 5 yrs building crest pontoon boats. Every bit of the 50yr marine plywood was green.
  17. Bugpac

    New Deep Fryer for my fish fry(s).

    Hopefully it works as it should. I went this route as I think it will weather sitting on the patio a bit more.
  18. Bugpac

    New Deep Fryer for my fish fry(s).

    So keystone got me inspired. I was gonna send the wife to northern to get one of these. I figured id look on amazon and just get it delivered. I ended up finding this one instead. It will be here friday. Were frying on saturday.
  19. Bugpac

    101lb thrust on a 12ft jonny.....

    Those things would be sweet. I know a guy that has a 60 volt ray. With 5 of them suckers..