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  1. rapscallion

    CAUTION - using Boiled Linseed Oil or BLO - FIRE danger!

    We had this happen at work - did quite a bit of damage to our electrical repair shop.
  2. rapscallion

    Blue to green? Gear oil

    Completely normal in my experience (40 yrs of winterizing).
  3. rapscallion

    Help! Trying to Repair Cracked Aluminum on V-bottom hull

    Have it TIG welded by an experienced aluminum welder.
  4. rapscallion

    New Member Introductions!

    Thanks. And take a number and get in line.... :mrgreen:
  5. rapscallion

    New Member Introductions!

    New guy from NE Ohio. Walleye fisherman who fishes Lake Erie 30-50 times a year out of 2012 Starcraft Fishmaster 196. It's an excellent big fresh water tin boat.
  6. rapscallion

    Post a Pic of your boat!

    New member here. My tin ride is a 2012 Starcraft Fishmaster 196, 150 Optimax, 9.9 Merc Pro-kicker, 80#/24v Terrova with I-pilot, etc. I fish Lake Erie out of it for walleye mostly.