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  1. pbw

    KY Salt River

    I am in south east Louisville. If you want to hit the water some time let me know.
  2. pbw

    November Smallmouth in Connecticut

    Wow nice job! The colors on those small mouth look amazing.
  3. pbw

    KY Salt River

    The temps jumped up to 65 on Saturday so I tossed the old 1236 Jon in the back of the truck and hit a local river...Caught a decent Small mouth and several large ones... Most important took my son and he had a blast. He lost one at the boat..
  4. pbw

    No daylight after work, I found a solution!

    Since the sun goes down before I leave work I started thinking... all these office parks have small ponds... Now they must have fish in some of them, hit up google earth. Next lunch time...bam landed a 4 ponder! Made a short video for funny effect
  5. pbw

    Good day on the lake

    Try getting my kids to stand still for a photo is worse than a fish.. :mrgreen:
  6. pbw

    My 12' Gregor Deep V conversion

    Nice rig! Is the DF15 4 stroke? Looks like it runs pretty good.
  7. pbw

    Alweld 1448LA build

    Wow awesome rig! How do you like the Yamaha?
  8. pbw

    $#%£¥ !!! ... this time of year

    First word of post “fall” I thought you were going to complain about raking leafs. Yea Winter isn’t fun but it takes about 95 percent of people off the lakes.
  9. pbw

    Brought home another boat.....

    I purchased a set of Led marine lights and put on the old ion boat. Worried about other boats seeing me near the ramp, hate the time change! aj_6x6BzQ_Q
  10. pbw

    1956 Sears 11.5/32 jon boat

    Looks good! How much does that beast weigh?
  11. pbw

    Good day on the lake

    You didn’t zero the tape measure out so they dont count. :LOL2: Looks like a good day Rich! What is what water temp down there?
  12. pbw

    Cold weather fishing

    It’s in the 40’s here now. What are some tips and tricks to stay warm?
  13. pbw

    Brought home another boat.....

    I am just trying to get large bass to come into the boat any way I can get them. :|
  14. pbw

    Brought home another boat.....

    I didn’t know that.
  15. pbw

    Brought home another boat.....

    Okay I took the boat out to test stability. I took extra big batteries for weight and tried to see how weight affected the boat. I almost tripped and fell out the boat. :LOL2: uNIsVW98PAU
  16. pbw

    Brought home another boat.....

    They come as a pair with a small 6 inch length wire attached. They come in different gauge wire, ones I have are 8 gauge.
  17. pbw

    tiller handle extensions

    If they are on solid I don’t see any problems, just be sure to wear the kill switch line.
  18. pbw

    Brought home another boat.....

    You know me, I see a boat I buy a boat. Found a tracker 1236 Jon boat, owner purchased it new and didn’t use it, I call that abuse! So It’s in good hands now. :mrgreen: Plans? To show all my kayak loving friends that Jon boat always wins in the end. I really just plan to fish and make little...
  19. pbw

    Hate Carpet!

    Give acetone a try next time, works for me.