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    Show us your Motorcycles

    The dogs love the ride.
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    Any iFish posters here?

    Yes seems to be working now. Somebody musta tripped over the power cord?
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    Any iFish posters here?

    Not trying to promote another site, I’m just curious what happened over there, have not been able to draw up their site since last week. Anybody know what’s going on?
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    KLM Lost & Found

    Dogs are grand, sure would be cool if it’s for real.
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    Any lizard experts on here?

    Bass Bait.....
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    Good Thoughts being sent skywards, stay safe everyone.
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    cast net pro

    I wonder if he could throw a "perfect" net like that twice in a row?
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    How to properly finish a cleat hitch

    He explains it well for sure, but can he do it fast?
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    Another daily rant

    My lord, your fingers must be really over worked to be concerned about having to push the scroll button, or roll the mouse wheel, to see the rest of the post. Might I suggest soaking your fingers in dawn dish soap, old TV commercials say it works wonders. :P =D> :P
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    You are getting old

    I remember being a pump jockey when gas was .37 cents a gallon, remember cussing the boss in me head....." it would be easier if it was .50 cents a gallon..." easier to add up the total price. Then I started to drive a couple years later and was thinking...."****, it is Highway robbery at .43...
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    "so old I fart dust......"
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    Well for the low sum of just 1.25 mill, you can buy an aluminum PT boat, then you won't have to worry about termites nor polyestermites. [-X
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    I'll take a shot

    At age 54 I normally do not get immunization shots, just personal reasons [-X . 3 years ago me wife convinced me to get a flu shot, I got so sick spent a couple days in bed, never been that sick before. Have not gotten a shot since then, have not been sick with flu since either.
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    Safety Issues = Power Tools

    Glad you survived your battle with the wood, but remember.....chicks dig
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    78th birthday, finished the Half-Marathon Hike.

    Happy Birthday and Congrats on finishing your half marathon =D>
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    Post storm venting

    Could be living in Puerto Rico, bet they have lots of complaints against their power companies about now. [-o<
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    Our thoughts and prayers are with our SE members

    Aye, prayers are sent. Fox News was saying 185 mph sustained winds, yikes.
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    Me Missus is mad at me.....<non-fishing story>

    My missus is pissed off with me again. Last night while she was sleeping, I gently removed her tampax and replaced it with a party poper leaving the string hanging out. I'm telling you! That woman's got no flipping sense of humor at all. :oops:
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    Eclipse, who is watching?

    From me front yard in Sweet Home Or. Was a lot darker then picture appears...
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    LLWS, anyone else watching?

    As a past coach for the local boys&girls club, I really enjoy watching the youngsters play. Besides....Oregon <La Grande> is undefeated in regionals so far, play tomorrow, winners go to LL World Series on the 17th. The little folks really seem to have fun, win or lose. =D>