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  1. J

    Happy New Year 2022

    Wife and I are heading out now for the maiden voyage of the new boat. Happy 2022 to you all!
  2. J

    Proper intro and happy holidays!

    Thanks. The forums seem pretty quiet, but I’ve been learning a lot by perusing old threads.
  3. J

    Proper intro and happy holidays!

    It’s been a few weeks since I joined the forum but I finally got my boat (Alumacraft 1436) and have been spiffing it up while I wait on registration and titles for the boat, motor, and trailer. For a state that hates regulation and claims to be all about the individual, Texas certainly has a lot...
  4. J

    Rainbow Trout - Lake Berryessa

    If you’re catching that many that fast, they’re probably stockers right off the truck. No wonder they don’t taste good. Pellet heads are pale and mushy and I never understood why anybody would want to fish for them let alone eat them. If you’re looking for trout to eat, go for a wild fish or two.
  5. J

    Real Prey swimbaits

    If you’ve got funds burning a hole in your wallet, you can pick up a Hinkle or 2!
  6. J

    The Monkees

    That’s a bummer. Save the Texas Prairie Chicken!
  7. J


    Those damned ads have been driving me insane. At times they ran them three times back to back. Godspeed Jimmy “J-J” Walker. DY-NO-MITE!
  8. J

    Rainbow Trout - Lake Berryessa

    Those pellet head trout are great fodder for the bass. Why not troll some big trout plugs and try to get into some of those monsters?
  9. J


    New to the site, but I just had to pop in and say this is AWESOME! I’m a huge fan of repairing and restoring old things and it looks like this will be a great thread as your work continues. Lots of great stuff already. Thanks for this!
  10. J

    Hardcore swimbaiters?

    I use a couple of Okuma swim bait rods and a Cabela’s musky rod along with Shimano Calcutta 400’s and Abu Garcia Revo Toros. All spooled with Trilene Big Game 25 or 30#.
  11. J

    Hardcore swimbaiters?

    I’ve been throwing big baits for about a decade and a half now. Locally, I’ve done best with MS slammers, 3:16 Wake Jr’s, Matt’s Hardgill, and some homebrew rats I’ve made. Messed around with big glides like the BullShooter and Godzilla, and I also have a couple of old school Gillzillas from...
  12. J

    New Member Introductions!

    Howdy from southeast Tejas. I’m in the process of purchasing my first tin boat, a 14’ 2017 Alumacraft. Had a fiberglass model (Ranger 680t) since 1990 and I currently also have 4 kayaks and a bunch of float tubes. Took early retirement earlier this year and now work for myself so I have a much...