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  1. poolie

    Plywood Decking Help

    I agree with the others, 5/8" should be fine and Marine Grade is overkill and expensive. I'd use screws where possible. Post a picture of it when you get a chance.
  2. poolie

    Not Tin but picked up a crawdad Jon Boat

    I've got one of these that I bought from a Tin Boat member years ago. Mines missing the foam and the front plastic. I put in a carpeted 1/2" plywood floor (2 piece to work around the tubing for the seats) and replaced the missing front plastic with plywood. It's a great small lake boat.
  3. poolie

    G. Loomis E6X

    I picked up a 853C a month or so ago but have only had one opportunity to fish with it. It's not a GLX, but it does meet the quality you expect from Loomis. I'd buy a couple more if I didn't think my wife would beat me with them.
  4. poolie

    conceal carry pistol

    I'm always amused a little when I read where people feel like they need 15 rounds in the pistol and two or three extra magazines... these people must live in a war zone. Personally if I were to find myself in a situation where the 7 rounds in my S&W Shield wasn't enough, I'm probably scr***d anyway.
  5. poolie

    Summer Time Bass Baits

    When it comes down to it, a bag of Zoom Speed worms (or similar) in watermelon, Texas rigged and a box of either football head or swim jigs with NetBait Paca Chunk trailer will get me through pretty much anything.
  6. poolie

    Sick Dogs

    Big dog person here. Very sorry about one of them and very hopeful for the second one. Hope she pulls through.
  7. poolie

    Any bikers out there?

    I have two road bikes and one mountain bike. Ride every time I get the chance. The only way to build up your endurance is to ride, ride, and ride some more. Four years ago when I got started riding a 20 mile ride would cause me to come home crash in the floor and take a nap. Last night I went...
  8. poolie

    Benefits of a laser on a self-defense pistol ...

    Yep, the bar is set very high once you add a firearm into the mix.
  9. poolie

    conceal carry pistol

    I'm a little late to the party too, but for the summer months I carry a M&P Shield 9mm with Hiviz sights and Apex trigger kit. Small enough to carry with shorts and tee shirt but big enough to be accurate at 10 yards. In cooler months I have the Shield's bigger sister the M&P 9c. It shoots no...
  10. poolie

    Best Trolling Motor Battery

    IMHO the Walmart Everstart Maxx 29's are hard to beat. My last set lasted 3 years before giving up the ghost.
  11. poolie

    Benefits of a laser on a self-defense pistol ...

    The only advantage I see of having a laser is if you don't visit the shooting range often and simply want to make sure you hit what you're aiming at. As others have said, if the situation escalates to the point I've leveled my gun at someone, that person is about to have a really bad day. I go...
  12. poolie

    I'm back!

  13. poolie

    I'm back!

    As someone who also recently found his way back here, welcome back!
  14. poolie

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Going on a 200 mile bicycle ride.... wish I was going fishing ;-)
  15. poolie

    Fishing license price increase for TN.

    Got an email yesterday from the GA DNR saying that they are discussing rate increases as well for both hunting and fishing licenses.
  16. poolie

    Beer crisis

    I'm a one and done kinda guy, unless like you say there's friends and burgers or pizza involved then I'll go for a second, but I sure do enjoy that one.
  17. poolie

    The rebuild begins

    A view from the Captain's chair! Left to do is make a trip over to Wally Mart and get a fresh set of marine batteries, hook um up, charge them and hit the lake.
  18. poolie

    Beer crisis

    This sounds serious....
  19. poolie


    Resistance was futile... I despise FB, but gotta admit that it's a great place to keep up with everyone.
  20. poolie

    Lost my Wife

    Just **** Fishingcop... I'm so very sorry for your loss. Do take care of yourself and get healthy. You have a lot of years left. 15 years ago my dad passed away in his early 60's from leukemia. My parents married just out of high school and my dad was pretty much my mom's whole world. After his...