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    Swing away helm

    Doesn't look overly difficult. One thing I don't like about it is the break away feature.
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    Rubber or Foam Flooring for Jon Boat

    I don't remember what I paid for a sheet, it was 6061 T6, .125 inch thick. In hind sight you could probably get by with .100 inch thickness. I'd have to measure but I know it was around 50 inches long and the standard 48 inch width. They used to make some stuff called Black Tip that was a...
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    Rubber or Foam Flooring for Jon Boat

    I put down foam insulation and then covered it with a sheet of aluminum that was riveted in place. You can go over it with hydro turf. It'll look good, last and is not going to burn you when you touch it and shields you from the suns reflection.
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    Transom ladder

    I don't remember the brand but they make one that attaches to a jack plate if you have one of those.
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    Any way to just use one fish finder instead of two?

    I did like Scott F suggested and just put mine on a swivel mount, works for me. I admit it, I'm frugal.
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    CC V SC

    Well, I think it all depends on what you want and how you use your boat. I have a 16' jon boat with a center console. My boat originally came with a tiller engine on it and no console. I tried a side console first and it was ok but I got tired of water spray and didn't care for the "line of...
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    Trailer lenght

    You could always extend the tongue.
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    Good article about servicing small engines

    I don't know what got ethanol usage going to begin with but if I were to guess I'd say it was supposed to reduce reliance on imported oil. I know the farmers are for it because it subsidizes their crops.
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    Good article about servicing small engines

    Moral of story, don't use ethanol in your small engines unless you're using it up all at one time.
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    GPS Shuts off when starting gas motor UPDATE WITH SPECS

    Just a suggestion from a novice, but why couldn't he just install a small 12v battery like comes on a riding mower for power to the FF?
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    Wiring fuel gage

    I think one other thing I may try is to hook up the positive to a switch on my relay panel instead of tying it into the ignition switch. I have two outboards on my boat so this may be the easiest approach unless someone can tell me why it wouldn't work? This would save me from having to tie...
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    Wiring fuel gage

    Thanks. I had no idea what brand that sender is! Looks like a Moeller fits the bill though.
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    Wiring fuel gage

    I need some assistance fellas. I got a larger tank for my boat and it has a fuel sender mounted in it. I have a small fuel gage that I'd like to mount in my helm and use it to monitor the gas but I don't know how to wire it up. Any help would be appreciated. I included a couple of pics of...
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    6061 T6 .100 for deck questions

    I wouldn't go any thinner than .100 and would use ,125 myself. 18 inches is a good span and you'll want the extra thickness. It's going to depend on how much weight you have to support also. I don't think you need to anneal it. I wouldn't go beyond the 90^ bend though or it will crack out...
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    Maybe bowfishing

    I use lever bows like the Oneida and love them. I do lots of bow fishing though so I can justify the cost of them. Both of mine, an Osprey and a Stealth were bought used because they're kind of pricey new. They're almost an infinitely adjustable bow and can be tailored to almost any type of...
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    extending trolling motor cables.

    I'd suggest that you situate the batteries where you want them. From there run you some heavier gauge wire (depends on the distance you're covering) and install quick connect. Put the other half of the quick connect on the end of your trolling motor and call it a day. This way you aren't...
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    1976 Monark Army Corp of Engineers tri v hull

    I wouldn't sand blast aluminum. If you ever need to weld it you'll find the welds are contaminated from it.
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    2007 Tracker Pro Crappie

    Those mermaids seem to like it!
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    Possible project

    Thanks for that info! Appreciate it. Guy sold the boat so the search continues. Anyone happen to know if the Lowes were welded or riveted?
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    Possible project

    I've been looking for quite a while now for a larger boat. I'd like it to be a multi-purpose boat. I've located a aluminum deck boat that's been sitting a couple of years. I'm not concerned with the furniture at all, it will probably be scrapped. I want it for a large stable platform. I...