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  1. WALI4VR

    Free mini decal

    Wifey darlin was "helping" clean up boat inside and out using my big gas power washer. In other words my Tim boat decals were ALL REMOVED. If you still have any could I get a pair of each again. Maybe I should use some good clear coat over them this time... Ya think 4 or 5 coats would be enough???
  2. WALI4VR

    Vent hole

    Got a 50hp 4cycle Merc. There is a small hole on the starboard side almost at the very front of the lower unit. If the motor is tilted about halfway up it slowly seeps gear box lube! Normal? Help?
  3. WALI4VR

    Free mini decal

    Jim, Would it be possible to get in red both big and 2 mini decals? Thanking you in advance, Tony Pavilionis WWALI4VR
  4. WALI4VR

    91 fisher hawk with fold down steering?

    I keep seeing this picture in my head. I see a normal 5 inch chop on the water. Here comes this rig with driver on board running about 23mph into the wind and chop. Anyone else see his glasses bounce of his nose and overboard into the water? Anyone else see the driver accidentally biting threw...
  5. WALI4VR

    Marine glue

    Seal it!
  6. WALI4VR

    Splash wells

    How about a pic of the boat... How long and wide and transom height from water line to top of transom loaded with gear and people. How tall a wave are u planning on slowing Down? I have wave wackers on mine custom sized for my electric transom motor and main power engine. They are really helpful...
  7. WALI4VR

    Tracker Grizzly 1754, what motor?

    75 would be over powering that boat which leads to lots of troubles. 60 is what it's rated for I think. If so that would fit the boat and loads your talking about. A 30 or 40 are going to have a hell of a time getting on plane plus guzzling gas being worked so hard to stay on plane. You won't...
  8. WALI4VR


    Any pros or cons about Select Tool Sharpener? On sale 50% off!
  9. WALI4VR

    1980 Mirrocraft Catalog

    Nice little rig.
  10. WALI4VR

    Dock Rash

    I'm very interested in what real suggestions appear. I've got 2 4"×8" areas I'd like to get fixed. Lesson learned. Don't use plastic elastic tie downs from boat cover to trailer that vibrate in the wind on the highway!!
  11. WALI4VR

    Hatch locks

    I can only say what I went thru. I needed 6 latches. I googled marine latch and went from there. I found 3 different cheap ones that I located at some stores near me along with 4 rather expensive that I tracked down 3 of. I ended up going with expensive locking brass and chromed steel locking...
  12. WALI4VR

    Tough hooks

    I've switched to gam hooks 20 years ago and I've never looked back. Singles,trebles,from 8s to Musky rigs I've yet to have a failure. Tight lines and success thru skill. WALI4VR Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  13. WALI4VR

    Induction tachs

    Will it work on a 4 cylinder 4 cycle.? Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
  14. WALI4VR

    Beginner Drones

    First 10ish hours of flight time should be in your own back yard or maybe church parking lot or public land here in WI. No noobie should be flying a mile out or even 1/2 mile and not over say 100ish feet high. Your neighbor had no respect or training in gun safety and no business shooting at a...
  15. WALI4VR

    Beginner Drones

    For a starter I'd go as inexpensive as u can.. 50+to 75tops. You are going to crash so a soft and not very fast one will make it easier on your wallet. You won't believe how many dangers are around your yard, friends and neighbors houses, cats dogs squirrels, sun blindings, high tree oopsie...
  16. WALI4VR

    Dry Carbs?

    Ive read something on this somewhere but can't find it. Should fuel be left in carburetors during winter or longer storage. Some say yes, some say no. Anyone have some proof by maybe a manufacturer or gasoline producer. While we're at it what about fuel tanks. Keep it full with plenty of Stabil...
  17. WALI4VR

    Double omc fuel hose

    Makes sense to me now! THANKS. Now to see who has a 20 ft piece!! '98 Lund Explorer w/ 50hp Merc 4c (Yamaha) carburetored NO torque motor
  18. WALI4VR

    Double omc fuel hose

    I'm hoping I'm wrong but I would have sworn that my hoses were either 1/4 or 5/16.seems like 1/8 would run the bowl dry at half throttle. I'm going to have to get both tanks down off the rafters in the garage. Thanks for the help. '98 Lund Explorer w/ 50hp Merc 4c (Yamaha) carburetored NO...
  19. WALI4VR

    Double omc fuel hose

    Does anyone have a source for the omc pressurized fuel tank dual line hose. I've run into lots of " oh I may have a ft or 2 left somewhere or gee I think we quit stocking that stuff 25 years ago." '98 Lund Explorer w/ 50hp Merc 4c (Yamaha) carburetored NO torque motor