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    The ladder Jon..

    Love it I’ve got an old latter I keep around just for the purpose of using it for bracing
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    Life jackets/PFD

    I wear one all the time, I forget I have it on sometimes. It’s a BPS auto 35, they are reasonably priced too. I fish alone most of the time.
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    OK to move Fuel Tank forward?

    I moved my to under the bow seat on my 12/36. I put a hinged door in it, just open it up while launching the boat Incase of any fumes. Gave me more room in the back and distributes the weight. Leveled out the boat for a smoother ride. It really was one of the things I did that saw the biggest...
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    What size Mod-V Jon boat for a 25HP outboard?

    I have a 15/48 mod-v polar kraft with a floor, front & rear casting deck, trolling motor, two batteries, side console, with a 1998 25 hp 4 stroke Yamaha. I love it…..fuel consumption is great, running solo and no gear, it will do 30 mph, with gear and another person around 24 mph. I really...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone
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    Gasoline Prices

    How much is gas there in Cali
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    Crooked Jon Boat?

    I have a 1548 polarkraft modv it is twisted too…. It was weld crooked in the jig. I doesn’t seem to effect performance, it doesn’t seem to pull or track. The transom is almost 2” higher on one side. I didn’t notice it a first, now I see it all the time. Nobody else has noticed it ether.
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    Nice camper set up. The pups look like they are alert and on guard duty..
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    Cost of Fishing License

    Does California charge for a fishing license over 65 yrs old?
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    New Here - 1970 Gregor V Hull

    Looks good Have you had it out yet? Nice wood work.
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    Putting a floor in the boat, “found” a solution for flotation.

    Great find ! I love when stuff like that happens.
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    Rebar anchor spike?

    I guess I goy lucky with my boat…… I have U- bolts mounted in the back for trailering, and the fiberglass tree stakes fit right in them. I bought the rubber clip for holding you bow and stern light when not in use at Walmart for holder in the boat. I got pvc tees for handles. I flip them upside...
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    Crater Lake (Oregon)

    Very nice! How long did you stay?
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    Lowe 1648M Project...

    Nice rig What are your plans with it?
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    Maintenance Schedule

    I don’t have any warranty, I pull mine every 100 hrs or once a year and just go though it ….. lower unit, water pump, plugs, filters. If I see I’m putting a lot of hrs I’ll pull it early if need. I have small motors so it not as expensive as some motors out there.
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    Old Alumacraft 1236 backwater runner

    Gotcha on the rivnuts. You making a sweet set up
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    Old Alumacraft 1236 backwater runner I know this is probably a dumb question, but are those through hull fittings and where are they? I can’t make it out from the picture.
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    Old Alumacraft 1236 backwater runner

    Great job…. Did the foam in the seats look like that, or was that after you had dug some out?
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    Springtime coldwater experiences

    What did you catch it on?
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    Two for Five Today

    I don’t know much about trolling…. What does 35’ OTW mean? I have been reading about your drought problems out there, they where showing pics where the water line used to be. I was shocked how low some of the lakes were. Nice fish though