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  1. MN Fisher

    Mercury 1996 30 HP Manual pull really hard to pull Why??

    When I was looking for a motor for the F-9 rebuild - I specifically limited it to electric start...and that's what I got 1973 Evinrude 25hp Electric start - I retrofitted an Emergency Cut-Off Switch so I'm fully up to code.
  2. MN Fisher

    What size Mod-V Jon boat for a 25HP outboard?

    My F-9 is the father to the V-14. Pamphlet shows two measurements. 15' from bow to stern along the gunwale, 14'2" Prow to center of the transom. A 14' semi-V should be good for up to 30hp - my F-9 is rated to 35, but the newest V-14 has lowered that to 25. Older model semi-Vs had two different...
  3. MN Fisher

    View from the front door

    This the view of my front door earlier this week.
  4. MN Fisher

    Winter projects? Almost spring

    I tried the Al's - went back to Owner....they're more expensive, but have a pull knob so you're not in danger of poking your finger taking the bonnet off. Almost spring? This was taken this front door.
  5. MN Fisher

    Can I use Purple Power cleaner/degreaser?

    This is what I used on the F-9 prior to priming/painting.
  6. MN Fisher

    Sealant for transom bolts

  7. MN Fisher

    Tin boat recommendations

    No - before the F-9 that I rebuilt last winter, I was fishing out of a modified canoe...but I've heard good things about Lowes in general on other boards.
  8. MN Fisher

    Tin boat recommendations

    Check out the Lowes 1652 - a little narrower, but plenty wide enough for stability. Roaming Rock Marina in Roaming Shores (21 miles from you) carries Lowes.
  9. MN Fisher

    Mystery Boat...

    That HIN comes up as this on BoatFax - I don't have a membership so can't get more details.
  10. MN Fisher

    Mystery Boat...

    I found the catalogue page for the 1993 models...some things look off based on that - your boat looks more like a Classic Fisherman than a Yukon. 1993 Sylvan Catalogue - Pg 18-19
  11. MN Fisher


    They're just standard cylinder cam locks I got off Amazon - Uenhoy 6 Pack Cabinet Cam Locks Keyed Alike - the cams lock under the aluminum angle framing. They work just fine, seem solid enough too.
  12. MN Fisher

    Deck mods

    Find an actual metal supplier. Locally - cheapest 'big box' place want's $12.70 for an 8' length of 1/16" 1x1 angle Coremark has one of it's locations here - I paid $14.60 for a 16' length...and they'll cut in half for free.
  13. MN Fisher

    Deck mods

    See the link in my Sig-line. Only wood I used in my modifications was the decks - and that's only 1/2" plywood - rest is aluminum angle, riveted together and to the hull. To see the start and finished product - F-9 project completed
  14. MN Fisher

    Seal leaks around rivets.

    This is what I used to seal holes from where I'd drilled out rivets for the F-9 rebuild. Should seal those leaky rivets right up.
  15. MN Fisher

    F-9 has been properly christened

    Got out twice this week - both times I discovered some minor tweaks that need to be done...but neither trip was a total loss. Caught Monday morning - nice little hammer-handle that went 1.6# Other than a small pumpkinseed, that was my only catch of the day, Back out this afternoon, fighting...
  16. MN Fisher

    Bought a boat at a storage auction

    Great find there - sometimes those storage auctions yield gems.
  17. MN Fisher

    1972 Alumacraft F-9 Lake Master

    Camera footage downloading to my computer now - be a bit before it's all edited. Came across a couple minor issues: 1: Direction indicator on the TM is reversed - the arrow points sternward when moving forward. 2: Livewell fill isn't working...pump engages, inlet is well under water, but no...
  18. MN Fisher

    1972 Alumacraft F-9 Lake Master

    And the final overview video (took me 3 takes and it's still not 100%, but I got other things I need to do) Lake Master Bass Boat Part 10: Final Product
  19. MN Fisher

    1972 Alumacraft F-9 Lake Master

    Thanks, Kismet, for the nice words The butt-seat isn't to sit on really, it's just something to add stability as you use it like a tripod - two legs are your legs, the third leg is the yes, it's a little higher than a sit-in seat. Far as the center of gravity - from my calculations...