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    Ideas for housing fuse bar and switch panel?

    I meant electrical junction box.
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    Ideas for housing fuse bar and switch panel?

    I used a angle grinder, to cut the top of bench seat. The small accessory battery is housed inside and storage for rain gear, waterproof container for license, wallet keys. etc. The fuse panel was hidden inside the 4 gang switch box, with waterproof cover.
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    Ideas for housing fuse bar and switch panel?

    ^^^ see thread "what have you been up to lately "
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    Ideas for housing fuse bar and switch panel?

    This is how I wired up mine, bilge pump and anchor / navigation lights wiring inside conduit; with small junction box. The fuse panel inside a 4 gang box " waterproof ". The switch panel attached to rear of middle bench, powered by a 65ah solar battery, installed inside middle bench with hatch...
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    Bow Trolling Motor Battery - Preferred Mounting Location?

    ^^^Ray has given you some great suggestions, I would however get rid of those sandbags; you may get on on plane quicker, but top end suffers. The tilt /trim pin adjustment will get you on plane there's usually about 6 holes to put pin in. The #3 or #4 hole is usually the sweet spot.....btw...
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    What have you been up to lately?

    Ahhh just working on the catfish /crappie boat; adding T-tracks, built an adjustable graph mount, ya know enough to keep me busy. I am longing for a vacation of some sort ,my wife is really getting bored.
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    Gunwale track

    Oh wow I like that track, it's easier to work with too!
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    Gunwale track

    This what the track looks like ..had to get a converter for heic to jpg in order to post photos.
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    Gunwale track

    No it won't bend unless heated; or taken to a muffler shop, they bend all sorts of metal. I am going to mock mount track closer to stern and see how far I can go without bending.
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    Gunwale track

    Shucks maybe I should have searched a little longer;that 3/4" sounds great!
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    Gunwale track

    Correction 6'x 1.5" x 3/4"
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    Gunwale track

    I ordered (2) 6'x1.5'x.75 extruded T slot rails 15 series from 80/20 via Amazon ;they are stout. I will be using 5/16-18 stainless steel carriage bolts/ washers and 5-Star Knobs.....hmmm for some reason it won't let me load pics!??
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    Possible trolling motor interference

    I run the wires together on the port side of my 1236 TM battery at stern adjacent to rear bench with 4ga. and winch disconnects. The sonars are fused and connected to a 55aph solar battery, no problem 😊
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    Horizontal Rod Storage Ideas

    Here ya go, I have 10-12ft rods on the side just a couple of inches above gunnels .I used a threaded rod and a coupler to get my heights to match, from front to rear.
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    Horizontal Rod Storage Ideas

    I put a pair of offset driftmaster tip savers on my 1236, worked out great attached to bench height is about 6in. above the gunnel.
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    Attaching Seat Swivels to a foamed bench seat

    I'm putting together a 1236 jon for a winter project.The previous owner had swivels and pedestals mounted to the bench,which eventually failed. I installed the tilt and slides Swivel Ez, so seats can move from side to side and balance weight.
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    Designing a bow plate?

    Those are some nice designs, wish I had thought of that when I rebuilt my Crestliner.
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    You will really appreciate the comfort, light weight and not sweating on hot day's; I have 4 on my PT185 best investment in a long time.
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    remote trim switch

    Yes, you can do it either way; I installed a switch on the bow and the outboard by splicing into the switch at the throttle. It's probably easier to splice at the harness plug.
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    FF mounting location

    I mounted mine at the bow bench left front on a 12ft jon; if you set the depth large enough it will be visible from the stern.