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    25hp Johnson Propeller help

    Ok. So I picked up a turning point propeller and hub kit with the 13 pitch (was available at a somewhat local West Marine) and now i do 26mph and seems my reverse works better. I think my turning is better to but maybe thats just in my head. My motor still sits too low in the water and I get a...
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    25hp Johnson Propeller help

    I did run my information through the Turning Point calculator and it gives me only two options: another prop like the one I have or the one I listed above. Solas seems to have more variations. What's interesting is Turning point has a YouTube video of identical boats going from a stop and...
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    25hp Johnson Propeller help

    Hello, I did some searching and needed some help deciding on a propeller for my specific situation. I have a 15ft aluminum Jon boat(1985 Fisher Hawk 1542 I believe) with a casting deck like a bass boat and storage. Don't know exact weight but it has a 25hp Johnson with a mini jacker plate...
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    40hp Yamaha 2 Stroke - Very Nice!!! Make Offer or Trade!!!!

    Hello I have a 1994 Yamaha 2 Stroke remote setup outboard. C40PLRS. It has power trim and tilt. I could include the remote control for extra if needed. Just did water pump, thermostat, misc seals, fuel filter screen cleaned and new o-ring. Refilled lower case with fresh Yamalube. All Yamaha...
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    1987 Evinrude 20hp $600 obo

    Runs great but needs lower unit repaired. I used it 3 times since I bought my boat then discovered my transom was rotted. I spent maybe a month or so rebuilding the transom then put the motor back on to take it out on the lake. I then noticed gear oil leaking from lower unit. After removing...
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    WTB: Propeller Shaft For 1987 Evinrude 20hp

    Just found my propeller shaft bearing surface is pitted. Would like to replace it with new or used unit without pitting. My Engine number is E20CRLCUR Prop shaft OE Number 0390268 which supersedes to 0439143 Thank you.
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    First Time Jon Boat Owner: *** 3M 5200 SEALANT ABUSE!!!!!!

    Have made lots of progress. Came up with a solution for the pitted metal in the back. I sandblasted the transom metal with fine ground up walnut shells from Harbor freight and cleaned up as much corrosion inside of the pits to slow/stop the erosion. This process revealed that I had many pin...
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    First Time Jon Boat Owner: *** 3M 5200 SEALANT ABUSE!!!!!!

    The previous owner put a jack plate on it and if I go up a pin, it cavitates under hard throttle. I asked why he put it on and he said because it had a long shaft motor. however when I measured the motor, it is a perfect fit without it. The bottom cavitation plate above the propeller is 3 inches...
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    First Time Jon Boat Owner: *** 3M 5200 SEALANT ABUSE!!!!!!

    So I am working on coating the new transom wood and noticed that there is a lot of pitting and corrosion on the inner part of the aluminum transom wall. As I clean with a wire wheel some of it is deep enough to go though the other side. I am considering soda blasting the deep pitted areas and...
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    WTB: side console, transom cable mount, steering/shift conv

    I have a 87 Evinrude 20hp (model# E20CRLCUR) and looking to convert from tiller to remote steering and shifter. Need following items: - Shifter assy. Evinrude / Johnson simplex or similar. would be nice to have cables too. - Transom mount for steering cable. - brackets that bolt to engine...
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    1989 Bass Tracker TX17

    Do you have any pics of how you mounted your seats? also how high from the floor are they mounted? I am planning to do a side console conversion to my 15' alunimum jon boat. I have two folding seats (i got for free) that can be flush with the rear deck like yours. If you have a pic of what your...
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    First Time Jon Boat Owner: *** 3M 5200 SEALANT ABUSE!!!!!!

    Here are the questions????????? I want to convert to side console, remote steering and throttle/shift. Buying everything new is mucho $$$. My engine is an 1987 Evinrude 20hp (tiller) and the engine does not have a tilt tube so it means that with the remote steering setup I will need to get a...
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    First Time Jon Boat Owner: *** 3M 5200 SEALANT ABUSE!!!!!!

    OK. Now the project starts!!!! First removed the engine and removed the inner transom cover and the wood was just crumbling. I purchased a sheet of 3/4" MARINE plywood 4x8 and some marine epoxy to laminate two pieces for the 1.5" transom thickness.
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    First Time Jon Boat Owner: *** 3M 5200 SEALANT ABUSE!!!!!!

    Hello. This is my first boat and love it so far. I have had it on the water a few times. So far with two people and some fishing equipment and the bimini top up I average 22-23mph on smooth water. With me by myself 26mph and my motor is probably maxing out rpm and needs a different prop. not...