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  1. Scott F

    a little jet edumacation

    A 60/40 jet motor has 40 hp at the jet. It compares to a 40 hp prop motor. I had a boat rated for a 20 hp motor that I wanted to put a jet on. I tried a Tohatsu 50/35 jet on it because the small 25/18 jets just have a hard time pushing most boats, There wasn’t an issue with being too much power...
  2. Scott F

    Noob Trolling motor and battery questions

    You will get much better running times if you stepped up to the Traxxis models from Minn Kota. They have the digital maximizer that saves on battery usage. Your call if you want to spend the extra money to get more running time.
  3. Scott F

    Trolling motor or kicker?

    Trolling motors used for constant trolling use up battery power quickly. You don’t say how big your boat it is or if you have room for multiple batteries needed for an electric trolling motor. You’d need a 24 volt motor for a river and space for two batteries. How many hours would you be...
  4. Scott F

    Lightweight battery for kayak

    There is a Dakota 12 volt, 100 amp hour Lithium battery, weighs 32 pounds and costs $900. A 54 amp hour Lithium, battery weighs 17.6 pounds and sells for $500.
  5. Scott F

    2 stroke or 4 stroke, which do you prefer?

    A friend of mine didn't read the owners manual and laid his 4 stroke down on the wrong side. Oil didn't leak out, it leaked into the cylinders and locked up the motor. An expensive mistake, not covered by the warranty.
  6. Scott F

    30 mercury jet on a sea ark 16/52

    I have a Tohatsu 50/35, 2 stroke jet. It had the big tiller handle when I bought it and it did make running the boat from the bench seat next to impossible. I got a different boat (16x48) and converted it to a console. runs 22-24 mph with the boat loaded.
  7. Scott F

    Questions about connecting a circuit breaker

    Auto parts stores sell pre-made, short battery cables.
  8. Scott F

    Fish Finder Battery Revisited....

    How long it lasts depends on the depth finder. Years ago, I used the same battery on my Canadian fly-in trips and it would last the entire week powering a 4” b&w unit. We were cautious about our usage and shut it off when we didn’t need it. We never ran out of juice. Newer depth finders with...
  9. Scott F


    Have you checked the fuel filter?
  10. Scott F

    90 HP Etec jet measured "at the prop"

    Evinrude wont be selling new outboards, but they will continue to honor warranties and service existing motors.
  11. Scott F

    Old gas---what to do?

    I haven’t run my boat for 12 months. There was about 8 gallons of gas in it from last year. Today, it started right up and I ran around all day. Ran just like I put fresh gas in it this morning.
  12. Scott F

    These Days

    I grew up with Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Now, there are no Jobs, no Cash and no Hope. I pray Kevin Bacon stays healthy.
  13. Scott F

    Why not use a common ground?

    Why is there an extra fuse between the battery and fuse box, and no fuse or circuit breaker in the trolling motor circuit?
  14. Scott F


    My vacation to Northern Wisconsin in late May was cancelled. The resort will not be allowed to open until June.
  15. Scott F

    Trouble shoot livewell aerator pump

    The impeller might also be broken. You’d have to pull the pump and have a look.
  16. Scott F

    Corona Virus

    For the Monty Python fans.
  17. Scott F

    My Wife

  18. Scott F

    Big Score this Morning

    Costco for one is not taking returns from people who realized they didn’t need to buy 500 rolls of TP.
  19. Scott F

    Downrigger Install

    Make sure you back up the nuts on the cleats with big, heavy duty washers or metal plates. Down riggers put a lot of stress on whatever they are bolted to.
  20. Scott F

    Minn Kota Ulterra or Terrova? Something else?

    Yes, that’s how it works. If it’s on spot lock, it only comes on to move you back to the spot. If you just want it to make corrections to your direction while trolling with the gas motor, use the hand held remote to just bump you.