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    Replacement boat canvas?

    If you have the time, inclination, & an old sewing machine, it's not hard to make your own. I got some sunbrella-clone material for under $10 per yard (60 inch wide). I used carpet tape to hold seams together while pushing it thru sewing machine.
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    What are your most used garage power tools?

    Maybe not most used, but has paid for itself many times over: Dremel!
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    Cellular Trail Cameras

    I am using a Vosker at my remote acreage. $8 per month for the service. We see deer there every night. Raccoons too.
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    Polar Kraft transom replacement

    Congratulations on your purchase. I would remove the braces & obstructions so that you have good access to R & R the new transom wood. Don't be afraid to remove a few rivets, they are easily replaced.
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    Feel Old?

    Funny how the 60s & 70s stuff is so timeless. We watch Andy Griffith show pretty often, has a great music score. If you are feeling old & want to shake it, go visit someone in a nursing home.
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    Ice? No problem!

    I don't think I could wear enough clothes to go ice boating. Good luck getting rescued if something goes wrong.
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    Why not Diamond plating

    Alum Diamond plate can get really hot in July sun too.
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    Top Rail Realignment

    As long as the aft end of the rub rail needs to be re-welded, maybe you could remove the bent section for a few feet & weld a new section on.
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    Treated plywood

    When sealing plywood with edge void, I just keep feeding it epoxy until it is full (edge up, of course).
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    New fuel line cracking

    I could be wrong, but I don't think A1-15 is a legal requirement for outboard where hose is out in the open.
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    Bunk placement

    $5K sure sounds high for patching the cracks. Are they completely replacing the transom? For that kind of money, you could buy a welder & do it yourself. Whatever they do, they should reinforce it so it is stronger than original. All the above advice on transom saver & trailer support is...
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    Angle aluminum

    I bend most everything using my vise & hammer. Sometimes a cheater pipe comes into play too. Long pcs can be bent a little at a time, keep moving it lengthwise thru the vise.
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    Gasoline Prices

    Saw on the news today that CA will stop selling gas mowers. That should free up some fuel (or not).
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    Cutting a tunnel-cost guesstimate?

    If you are handy, you might want to consider buying a welder & doing it yourself. There is a learning curve,so it would take some practice on scrap for awhile. You could sell the welder when done if project cost is paramount. However, I have used my welder over the years far more than I...
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    Attaching Cleats

    My dad had to swim after our boat when it came loose in a storm. Never will forget that episode & prefer something that can't fail attaching the boat & dock.
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    Knots and ribs question

    I use a couple of half hitches (guess that's a full hitch). I made support ribs from PVC pipe. Notched Tees to fit over rubrail. Used heat gun to get them to have a bow.
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    Looking for an obsolete part

    There are outboard used part sources (AKA junkyards). Do some google research & I am sure someone will have one they will sell.
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    Oldness Test

    Never used to check the obits either.
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    New Here - 1970 Gregor V Hull

    Nice low $ find You can look up the model # of that motor on
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    Bought a boat (I know Finaly)

    Nice boat! The stern light on top of motor is definitely gov't issue.