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    T-SHIRTS T-SHIRTS T-SHIRTS Hot off the presses....sort of!

    Jim, Shirts look good but I would like your logo with the bass head and muscular arm......since I am an x-bodybuilder, I guess it caught my attention....will order a tinboat shirt soon.....kenny
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    Corpus Christi , Texas fishing info

    Thanks Andy, I have pasted on the info to my son in Corpus......I am use to dealing with salt water, I live on the Gulf Coast and fish in brackish water 90% of the time and as you said, I wash and flush everything on my return home. Never have any problems as long as you clean everything with...
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    Corpus Christi , Texas fishing info

    My son just moved to Corpus and loves to fish. Anyone on this site have any info I can pass on to him about fishing in the area? He has lots of experience fishing along the Louisiana marsh and coast. He doesn't have a boat though so he may have to do some wade fishing for specks and reds. He...
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    New Kevin Van Dam Signature series Baitcast reel kv1000hxd

    I read somewhere that closing the bail by hand extends the life of it....any comments or knowledge on this? marshbass
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    How often do you experience this ???

    Evreyone's situation is on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, we have options to fish almost any type of water. I had a 18' Cobia a few years ago and could go out in the Gulf ( watching the weather always...) or marsh fish with it but it cost too much to operate plus I had to be...
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    Livewell Question?

    Your live well can't 'suck' water once you are on a plane......I would turn it off until you get to the next spot since it may burn up....I have a recirculator that I use once I have water in the live well...
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    Lure Tamer

    Have used the small lure tamer for 5 weeks and really like it....keeps those trebel hooks out of everything.....marshbass
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    ambassadeur reel c4 ?

    Got my ambassadeur C4 reel in and I like the feel but haven't fished with it yet but it won't be long.....going to put about 50-75 yards of backing and fill with cajun red line 12 lb. test. Will let ya'll know how it works out...marshbass
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    Swimbait throwers

    I fish in brackish water and find the 3" swim bait to be my favorite lure for all fish (reds, bass, specks, flounder, crappie too). I keep a few bags in my boat. I use storm, berkley and tsumanni (?)....all about the same . I caught a dozen huge specks this week on the lure.....marshbass
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    left or right hand retrieve

    How many use the left hand retrieve models? I can't seem to get used to right hand and actually its not the reeling but the hook set or rod action with the left hand. marshbass
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    Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana

    This lake is really hot right now with big speckled trout....good friends have been catching very nice specks around the pillings of the main bridges that cross this 100mile lake in south Louisiana. I am going this week and will report back with a report.....marshbass
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    How often......

    How often do you change your impella (water pump)? Do you do when it needs it or so many years/hours? I would like to know what most of you do and why.....thanks,marshbass
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    ambassadeur reel c4 ?

    Just won the bid on a ambassadeur 5601 C4 baitcaster. Never had one but read that they are great reels. Seems like I read that it holds over 200 yards of 12 lb. test....should I put about 100 yards of cheap backing then the rest with better line? Any help would be appreciated. marshbass
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    Post a Pic of your boat!

    My 2004 PT 175 with 50 H.P.....I bought this boat after Katrina destroyed an Alumacraft rig that I had in my yard during the storm. I love this boat for the kind of inside marsh fishing I do in brackish waters. The only thing I don't like about this rig is the troll motor. When it goes, I will...
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    South Mississippi marsh fishing

    Caught a nice 18" red, one about 13" and two small marshbass Saturday morning. Also a few small specks (trout).All caught on a 3" storm swim bait.
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    Lure Tamer

    I got my lure tamer Friday and used it Saturday.....great idea! It keeps those treble hooks out of the way 'big time'. marshbass[/b]
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    Post a Pic of your boat!

    I looked at a g3 before I bought my Tracker PT 175 . Always liked the rig....