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    12ft Sunray shallow v

    Wow, thanks for the link!
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    TIP - Now WHERE is that drainplug?

    I have mine on the end of my lanyard... can't forget to put it in when it's on the kill switch. But I'll be parking a spare in the back of the boat.
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    Floor replacement paint

    I have no experience with epoxy, only with spar urethane and boiled linseed oil. It holds up really well, especially if the boat is covered when not in use. I met an older gentleman with an old sailboat swears by this stuff. My floor is sealed on all sides with old-timer's formula and has...
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    TIP - Now WHERE is that drainplug?

    great idea, thanks for sharing! Now looking for my 1" hole saws...
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    Buried Prop on 14 semi-V

    motor height and tilt/trim pin holes would be different things. trimming out to the point you're porpoising means you've trimmed out too much Raising a motor generally gets you more efficiency and speed, until you get to a point you're too high up. How about posting a pic of your engine height...
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    New Grizzly 1448 and '21 Merc 15hp Won't Plane?

    So that a short-shaft motor would be set nice and high for maximum efficiency? Can't see why the sales person and then the tech would install the wrong leg size motor on the boat. That part sucks. And then the run-around too. Good luck with this, hopefully the store owner will get you sorted...
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    Yamaha 784cc into welded mod-v hull

    Well the shaft finally arrived in Ontario after 5 week hiatus. Apparently the Post Office in Missisauga was shut down several times. But it was delivered. Three weeks later the machine shop had cut and resplined my shaft, and sent back both pieces via courier, and they arrived in 3 days...
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    2006 90 hp Yamaha 4 stroke

    Seems that the fuel lines on many tanks are suspect nowadays due to fuel formulations. If the liner separates and fails it will block fuel flow. It should be easily diagnosed with some exploratory surgery, just cut the end off to look inside, and re-connect with a clamp if it's good. If it's...
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    Dry launching, and 2-speed winches

    I'm in the planning stages for new trailer for my project boat. I've seen some articles on dry launching and retrieving of boats, without dunking the trailer hubs. I primarily boat in salt water, so keeping the trailer and axle dry will significantly prolong it's life. I've figured out the...
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    Trailer Question -- Size of Hubs/Bearings and Impact of Heavy Wheels/Tires?

    repositioning some stuff will often allow larger trailer tires, which spin more slowly at the same highway speed. If stuff is in good shape, I wouldn't worry too much. Just service the hubs and pack fresh grease in it at least once a year. If you use a brightly coloured grease that isn't black...
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    Around here (in Canada) everyone uses Mustang brand, which is Canadian. Even many USA agencies prefer Mustang. Check it out: My kids pfds, and my inflatable are all Mustang brand. Cheers, Brian
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    Yamaha 784cc into welded mod-v hull

    Well today I managed to improve the setup of the welder. Quick recap, I'm using a Lincoln Weldpak 180HD which is the same 220v unit you'd find at Home Depot and others. It has stepped voltage settings instead of the continuous settings of the premium weldpak 180. I'm using a generic blue ptfe...
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    Maybe I should be ashamed of myself.

    I just interrupted the wifenkids tv show to read this to them out loud. Thanks for the laugh. I don't even care if you did it for real or not hahaha Cheers, B
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    Bench seats

    You're at the fun part, deciding what you want. Urethane on wood is always popular, and looks great. Or hydroturf or seadek if you want minimal padding and easy cleanup. Post pics of your progress! Cheers, B
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    Yamaha 784cc into welded mod-v hull

    Buddy suggested trying self-tapping screws before thru bolting. So I drilled a 3/16" hole thru the top layer, and a smaller hole thru the bottom layer and put in some screws. Seems to have done the trick. You can see the weld that I ground out in the lower right corner of the pic. It's now...
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    1954 12' Lifetime Aluminum Boat build

    Awesome story, thanks for sharing! And the pics too. Cheers, - Brian
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    Yamaha 784cc into welded mod-v hull

    Cedar, I never really thought of it that way. Would take a high speed impact on something immobile to pierce the hull, since the projected weight of the boat is well under 500kg. And that would only happen in shallow water. I feel a LOT better now. Because flotation would really only be...
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    Running a side channel

    Sorry for your loss. I miss each dog dearly. 20y is a good long life for a dog. Cheers, B
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    12ft Sunray shallow v

    Nice buildup! Any more pics of your engine conversion from long to short shaft? Thanks for the inspiration! - B
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    Staying light

    Yes the current 4-stroke engines are a lot quieter than the older 2-stroke engines. Significantly quieter, and more fuel efficient as well. So the extra pounds you carry in engine might even be offset in fuel weight on longer journeys. If you closely look at the engine specs, they're grouped...