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    How old is too old?

    My favorite type of boat. Wide open floor plan tiller steer. That Evinrude 15 is one of the best 2 strokes ever made. I would update the seats, go through the engine, maybe add some electronics and head to the river. As for how old it is, I'm sure there's a web site that can tell you how old...
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    Evinrude 15 HP short to long shaft conversion parts

    I need the parts to convert a 1987 Evinrude 15 HP from short shaft to long shaft. Thanks Todd
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    Rebuilding baitcast reels

    I'm shipping mine to Glenns Rod and Reel repair in De Moins IA. I'll let everone know how it turns out.
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    Rebuilding baitcast reels

    If you find someone, let me know. I need my Abu GArcia 6500 2 speed cleaned.
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    Clean an Abu Garcia 2 speed

    Does anyone know who does cleaning and repair on an ABU GARCIA 2 speed 6500? I want to use this on my Muskie rod but it's pretty gummed up. Thanks Todd
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    Lund SSV 18

    Nice job You got some fab skills.
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    Experience with a Crestliner Kodiak 1800

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Experience with a Crestliner Kodiak 1800

    Anyone have any experience with the Crestliner Kodiak 1800? Looks like it's built like a tank. Normally I'd go to a dealer to look at one, but there doesn't seem to be any around. Thanks Todd
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    Duel jet ski jon

    Has anyone ever built a duel engine jet jon? I know Seadoo made the Sportster with two engines. I'd like to see an 18 foot fishing jon with two engines. Thanks Todd
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    Using a kids toy fishing rod

    My buddy Rhino used a FROZEN rod and reel at Pymatuming. He caught a couple perch, then gave it to a little girl who was fishing with her parents. Good stuff.
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    Where to fish for snakeheads in Eastern Pa.

    Thanks for the reply
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    Where to fish for snakeheads in Eastern Pa.

    My crew and I want to catch some snakheads in Pennsylvania. I hear there's a lot in Eastern Pa. We're looking for some locations to fish and camp. We have a couple boats and a big tent. Thanks Todd
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    Painting the interior

    The paint in the interior of my Sea Nymph is faded and worn. I'd like to repaint it the same color. Do I have to strip the old paint off or can I skuff it down etch prime it and paint it? Thanks Todd
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    Fishing at North Myrtle beach

    Thanks for the reply. This gives me a place to start.
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    Fishing at North Myrtle beach

    Anyone know a good place to shore fish near North Myrtle Beach South Carolina? I usually fish from Cherry Grove Pier and the beach, but the pier gets expensive. I'd like to find a place away from the beach. Thanks for any help. Todd
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    Switch box

    Thanks for the info. Todd
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    Switch box

    Thanks for the info.
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    Switch box

    I've been looking for switch box for my Sea Nymph. It only needs 3 or 4 switches id like it to be fused so it's all one unit. I'd like to buy one, but I would build one if necessary. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Todd
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    Wanted Late model 15 hp outboard

    I'm looking for a late model 15 HP outboard short shaft tiller. Electric start a plus. No projects or converted 9.9 HPs. Let me know what you have, Thanks Todd