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    Towing with Smaller SUV

    That’s a great place for the ram! ;) Congrats on the new vehicle!
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    Buy a new motor for old boat, or buy used boat and motor to replace.

    I would opt for a new engine. With a twist, look your current boat over. If you’re considering a steering wheel, see what’s involved in converting it to a console. Having had both tiller and console, pros and cons for each. On a previous boat, I “regressed”. Went from a four stroke 50hp to a...
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    Towing with Smaller SUV

    As for turbos, they’re good and bad. Before buying my current Nissan Titan, test drove the Silverado with a 2.7 liter turbo 4 cylinder. Then drove a 8 cylinder Silverado, no comparison. The 2.7 won for off the line. That was the “peppiest “ vehicle, out of all the half tons I test drove. I...
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    Towing with Smaller SUV

    Whatever vehicle your thinking of, “test drive” to your boat. Back up to it, see if the rear gate opens. If it has a hitch, hook up, see how much it squats the potential vehicle. 150# of trailer tongue is different than people in the back seat. If it has a hitch, ask dealer if you can test tow...
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    Tracker V16 motor height

    Do you have a local mill/grain station? If so, call them, see what the charge is to weigh. Our local one doesn’t charge, as long as two things - 1 you don’t need a ticket (pull on, get reading and leave), 2 you go in during an off hour or non peak hour. This particular scale reads 24/7. As for...
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    1994 Spectrum 16 Sport Rebuild? - Bouncing ideas around

    Is it tough to title in your state? With no existing title? Look at it as a blank canvas -boat, engine and trailer. The trailer alone is $500. Pics and in person two different things, you said the hull looks good? Remember, just cause a different one has the pieces, or partially done, doesn’t...
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    Trolling Motor Selection - Volts, Thrust, and Shaft length

    If in doubt, go bigger. I’ve seen those Minnkota numbers before, never have believed them. I call a big fat BS on them! A previous boat was a g3 1756 with a four stroke 50hp, had (key word here) a 12 volt 45# thrust trolling motor, from the factory, one 27 series lead acid. I put a second...
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    What size jet motor on 1648 to be legal?

    If I remember correctly, there is a blazer boats dealer or manufacturer by you. Stop by there, get there input. Excel, gatortrax, and one or two others , typically have heavier gauge hulls, which would allow for more horsepower. The downside is, they’ll weigh more. The question is, how does that...
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    1994 Spectrum 16 Sport Rebuild? - Bouncing ideas around

    I have the B100 (traditional style seat) and B300 (Palma style seat), love them. On my last boat, I put the B100’s for the driver and passenger seats, very comfortable in rough water.
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    1994 Spectrum 16 Sport Rebuild? - Bouncing ideas around

    For the most comfortable seat, millennium marine seats. They don’t hold water, breath (so you don’t sweat so bad in the summer), support you better than foam seats (imho), lighter than foam seats.
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    Well, Now I did it!

    I agree with airshot and Mr giggles. Take it out and run it. Put it through the paces. An on the water test is the best test. Plus, your on the water!!!
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    Well, Now I did it!

    I was told to NOT rev up, in gear, out of the water. You can over spin, due to no resistance from water. I’ve had a couple of engines that simply do not like muffs. They won’t “pee”. Put them in water, they pee just fine. As others have said, relax, it’s just another joyous day for a boat owner...
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    New Boat - Moving to the Dark Side

    Not being a smart azz, take it out, put it through the paces. Let us know. That will be the best way to find out. If it’s not rough out, turn a few tight circles, then go through the waves. This is also an extremely fun thing to do for pulling a tube!!! :) The good news for waves/chop is, it’s...
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    New Boat - Moving to the Dark Side

    Parents had a Tri hull. As said, Very stable at rest, beats you up a bit in chop. You have a nice canvas to work with. Lots of room. Deeper than a Jon, yielding more storage. About as much room as a deck boat. A couple years ago I redid a fiberglass bass boat. Lots of info online/YouTube, if...
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    OK to move Fuel Tank forward?

    Put a heat gun to that pvc conduit, it will bend.
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    71 Crestliner Muskie 15 Project

    No, that is not fun! Especially since in a scenario like that, been there done that.
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    Mapping shallow lakes

    Another vote for garmin. I had two QuickDraw capable units on a previous boat. It worked great. I did it on days when the fish weren’t biting, raining, hot, you get the point. Watch some videos on it first. A wealth of information on there. Read the instructions. I went to stores and put...
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    First boat looking for some speed

    Put a 100hp on it, better ad wings!!!
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    Prop Shops?

    I’m in the same boat as you! Pun intended. I recently replaced a prop shaft seal (other seals and water pump) in my lower unit. Easy peasy…. Right??? Wrong. Now it won’t stay in neutral. UGH
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    Prop Shops?

    Look at it this way, the money you “saved” on the engine, spend it on a good prop. Just like putting good tires on a cheap car, or good graphs on a cheap boat.