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  1. LDUBS

    Restoration 1959 Aluma Craft FD

    Looks good. Kind of makes me feel bad about how grungy my hull looks. Then again, a lot of boats pictured on these forums make my boat look grungy. Lol.
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  4. LDUBS

    No one ice fishing?

  5. LDUBS


    Yep, growing up on a farm or in a small town, everyone had part-time and summer jobs to earn spending money. Growing up I never had a time when I wasn't working. It was very common for parent's sign an under age work permit so we could start working fields. Between that, school, sports and...
  6. LDUBS

    10 HP restriction lakes?

    Those pee ordinances are tough on us old guys. :)
  7. LDUBS

    10 HP restriction lakes?

    Maybe, but many like me choose to stay and fight for what we believe. I am hoping there will come a day when folks realize how they have been played for patsies.
  8. LDUBS

    Wood Deck Sealant

    One pint of Total Boat penetrating epoxy is about $40. A quart is just under $60. Thin with DNA or acetone. One pint covers up to 40 sqft. Double that for a quart. Unless you have paint/primer on hand, it seems that cost is comparable. I used several coats of it on a generator cover for a...
  9. LDUBS


    You know, I remember in High School, some clown mouthed off to a teacher. Teacher knocked him on his a$$. Parents probably continued with the reprimand when he got home.
  10. LDUBS

    Plywood decking

    From what I visualize, I think I would run some bracing longitudinally between the benches. Those might need support in the middle. Weight should be a big priority. Maybe aluminum angle to keep weight down. Then if the spans are not great, 1/2 or 5/8 ply to also keep the weight down. This...
  11. LDUBS


    You know, I don't promote punching someone out, but in the old days if you were disrespectful, you were often immediately held accountable (and no one blinked an eye). Problem today is it is "protected".
  12. LDUBS

    1999 Starcraft Superfisherman Transom Restoration

    Things like that work. Just get something close then use shims to tighten things up. I can't say how many times I've used wood door shims for stuff like that. I always have them on hand.
  13. LDUBS

    10 HP restriction lakes?

    A $billion here. A $billion there. Gee who would have thought it can add up. The staggering numbers are hard for me to grasp, but simply removing the craziness in priorities would move things back in big chunks.
  14. LDUBS

    What size outboard jet do I need?

    Shucks, that would have made it easy. That hull is pretty robust. I would expect it to weigh quite a bit more than the typical 16' tin boat. I read the following in a google search. It is from Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (whatever that is): "Here is a safe guideline for selecting...
  15. LDUBS

    1978 StarCraft Islander 22 redecking project. What are people’s opinions on under deck foam for rigidity and noise?

    Whatever you use, I would think about taking steps to keep the center drainage channel open. Whatever was there before, you sure cleaned it up nicely. Was it originally pour in foam?
  16. LDUBS

    1999 Starcraft Superfisherman Transom Restoration

    Temporarily clamp blocks of wood to floor framing or whatever then use wedges against them and the new skin? Clamp a length of wood at the top then use wedges against it at the bottom? Can't ever have enough wedges!
  17. LDUBS

    Marine Grade Plywood alternatives

    If you are talking about filling oversized drilled holes with epoxy then re-drilling them (a best practice), a "penetrating epoxy" might not work for that. If you are talking about sealing the exposed plies after drilling through, then you are good.
  18. LDUBS

    What size outboard jet do I need?

    Max HP rating from the placard?
  19. LDUBS

    New Minn Kota with Heading Sensor - Install ?s

    Thanks. The light bulb just went off. Sometimes it takes me awhile.
  20. LDUBS

    Adding A Second Motor

    I have been coming back to the ramp twice just after they have dumped a load of trout. It is total mayhem.