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  1. Wallijig

    Questions about motorguide xi5 pinpoint operations

    If go into settings of Lowrance unit you can turn on more functions. At top of screen it will show heading, what mode you are in ie: stowed, heading lock, or anchor. Also shows percentage that motor is set or if in heading lock one can set percentage or speed you wish trolling motor to follow...
  2. Wallijig

    Motorguide Model/Serial Number Location?

    It's located in base that mounts to boat on My Xi5. Have to tilt motor up alittle to read it
  3. Wallijig

    Lowrance 3-D structure scan

    Using 2-D looks amazing also on 3-D system.
  4. Wallijig

    Lowrance 3-D structure scan

    You know Navico is parent company of Lowrance and Simrad both?
  5. Wallijig

    Lowrance 3-D structure scan

    Been on water last 4 weeks playing with Lowrances new 3-D structure scan. I am very impressed!! The clarity and ease to interpet is unbelievable! Here are some pictures I took of my unit on water.
  6. Wallijig

    Looks like time to pull the boat out of the garage!

    Here in SD ice out come over month early. I have been out on water with my tin last 3 weekends plan on making it 4 this weekend. Been doing great on walleye and sauger. :D
  7. Wallijig

    Fish Finder Help / Opinion

    Big determining factor is your budget. Lowrance HDS gen3 units you can buy one unit, control and view it from ipad. A smart phone you can view it but not control it.
  8. Wallijig

    the best $150 fish finder

    Lowrance has some new Hook out. 3x is around $99 with Chirp sonar. $129 with downscan
  9. Wallijig

    How to make this cut?

    What I do to make templates that follow contours is use piece of string taping it up in center of nose, run down center of boat stretch it tight, make sure its at same height you want top of piece you are installing. Then put marks on it every 1". take piece of cardboard draw center line down...
  10. Wallijig

    Drotto boat catch and release.
  11. Wallijig

    Question to all

    Here in South Dakota we are allowed 4 lines icefishing. I primarily jig, but when setting up for evening on cold nights in fish house I use 3 tip ups with Blue Tipz. Being dark & windows usually fog up and I am focusing on Vexilar, so not looking at tipups and these tell me when have fish on. I...
  12. Wallijig

    Drotto boat catch and release.

    I got my Drotto boat catch and release installed on my shorelines trailer with 2016 Lund 1775 proguide boat yesterday can not wait to use it. Looks pretty slick and save a lot of hassle at dock. Anyone else use these?
  13. Wallijig

    Terrova vs Xi5

    HDS gen2 or gen3, plus the new Elite ti
  14. Wallijig

    Terrova vs Xi5

    Other feature I like is heading lock with it hooked into my HDS units. I can point trolling motor down shoreline, hit autopilot and heading lock. Trolling motor with follow course at 1 mph and stay on course in direction it pointed. You can adjust speed up or down by .1 mph withremote. Being...
  15. Wallijig

    Terrova vs Xi5

    I had a maxxum before I do not notice difference in actually prop motor noise and can not tell you on steering motor due to maxxum is cable steer. Steering did take some getting used to for me, one from switching from cable steer and also when touch button it turn pretty fast. When steer I have...
  16. Wallijig

    Terrova vs Xi5

    I have a Xi5 and love it. Spot lock is better then having a anchor. I have a 1775 Lund ProGuide and do a lot of casting shorelines for walleyes on windy days. It holds it great, I have had family members who try to do same beside with their boats equipped with Minnkota they get frustrated and...
  17. Wallijig

    Lowrance Elite 5

    you may be able to get them directly from Lowrance if can not find in stores
  18. Wallijig

    3-D structure scan

    Ha, far from it! Never smoked or touched bottle of alcohol in over 31 yrs. saved my money to support my fishing habit. Plus empty nester. Kids been out in own for awhile. You would be surprised how much more miney you can save when they are out on their own. Lol I work day job during week and...
  19. Wallijig

    3-D structure scan

    Structure Scan 3-D kit is $1000. Lowrance HDS Gen 3 unit required. I am running 2 HDS9 and HDS 7 gen 3 units.
  20. Wallijig

    3-D structure scan

    Lowrance now offers 3-D structure scan. I got one for Christmas. Winter can not get done soon enough!! I can not wait to get it on boat and check it out!