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    everything steelflex

    I go my hands on a old boat that someone put fiberglass across the bottom. there was numerous stress cracks that they had patched but sometime they put fiberglass across the bottom. Im pretty sure if they bought the resin from the local area i know it is a poly resin (epoxy not easily avail i...
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    12x36 Jon Boat

    not really sure how to post pics but i bought a kit from ebay "mud motor" or "thai long tail" anyway it is based off a thailand long tail which is different then ours they don't use a joint for the angle. It is a straight long shaft you do have to fill the motor with oil because you tilt the...
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    12x36 Jon Boat

    This boat will be used for duck hunting with a long tail muc motor that i built. Previous owner had leaks and rivets that were bad instead of redoing them he applied fiberglass and poly resin. Well I would like to apply steel flex to it but the steel flex is epoxy and epoxy doesn't stick to...