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    Minn Kota Edge Bow Mount

    I appreciate it guys.
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    Minn Kota Edge Bow Mount

    I'm in the market to pick up a bow mount trolling motor and I was hoping someone who had a Minn Kota Edge could provide me with a measurement. I'd like to know how long the cable is from the motor to the foot controlled pedal? I am in the process of mounting a seat in my boat, but would like...
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    Rusty bolts

    PB Blaster does wonders.
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    Coleman Ram-X Crawdad, width?

    According to their website the maximum weight capacity is 420lbs with a beam of 48".
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    New Duck/Bowfishing Jon Boat...[updated pics 3-28]

    Looks like a good start... Here is the boat mentioned above.
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    inline fuses

    Couldn't you just take the formula: Watts = Amps * Volts By dividing both sides of the equation by Amps you get: Watts/Amps = Volts By dividing both sides of the equation by Volts you get: Watts/Volts= Amps For your case, the link you provided states it is a 100W lamp. 100W/12V= 8.3333A
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    1648 ncs alumacraft what size motor

    I was only stating what the manufacturer's website states.
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    1648 ncs alumacraft what size motor

    The boat is only rated for 35HP. If I were you, I'd get the largest motor you can afford.
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    structure of my boat

    After uploading the image onto Photobucket and you've resized the photo to an appropriate size, click the IMG Code on the left hand side of the Photobucket page and it will automatically copy the link. Next just paste it into the reply block here on the forums.
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    Lowe Big Jon

    There is no doubt the boat and trailer need some work. The guy replied back to me through email, but did not answer any questions I had. He only told me to come check it out and gave an address. I punched the address into MapQuest and it turns out he really wasn't in Richmond,VA. He is actually...
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    Lowe Big Jon

    That's what I was afraid of. If I were going to do it, I would not "Buy it Now" anyways. I would arrange a time to take a look at it and if everything went well, I'd make an offer then. I've emailed the seller, so we'll see if I get a response. If not, I'll continue looking.
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    Lowe Big Jon

    From the moment I joined, I've told myself I wanted to pick up a 1648 jon boat; yet I settled for a 1436 when it fell in my lap at a very good price last summer. All the time I've fished from it, I've continued to look for a 1648. I've come across a Lowe Big Jon on e-bay and the seller is about...
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    interstate marine battery

    If you have a CarQuest near you, their branded batteries are made by Deka.
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    Downriver Canoe Company out of Bentonville? If so, that is only about five miles from my home. Compton's Rapids is the only whitewater along the Southfork of the Shenandoah. I'm glad you guys are able to enjoy your time here. Its definitely a beautiful float.
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    Small world... the Shenandoah is my stomping grounds. Where do you launch from?
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    Looking for a memner...

    I'm guessing you're referring to this.
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    Mercury 15, owner says it's a 4 stroke, help me ID please

    My motor has done pretty well for me. When I initially got it it was a bit temperamental, but once I cleaned it up and changed the plugs and stuff, everything has been great. I wouldn't pay any more than $500 for the motor if I were you though. I'd even offer him as little as $350 or $400 and...
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    Mercury 15, owner says it's a 4 stroke, help me ID please

    I've even got a service manual that Jim sent me, if you do end up picking it up.
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    Mercury 15, owner says it's a 4 stroke, help me ID please

    From what I can tell, it appears to be identical to my 15HP. Mine is a 1988 or 89 model and as others have said, it is definitely a two stroke. Here is a link to parts for the motor and at the top it says serial numbers 0A197112 through 0D280999.
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    Rod build from start to finish.

    The rods are amazing. It is obvious you take passion in what you do, because the quality is remarkable. Can you give a little more information about the blue reel seat?