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  1. Quackrstackr

    Insulating an existing livewell

    I also have an engineering degree and apparently you did not read my initial thread post. While it may not be it's optimal installation, it certainly cuts down convective heat. Because of the shape of my livewell, I would have had to cut rigid insulation into multiple pieces just to pass it...
  2. Quackrstackr

    Insulating an existing livewell

    I'm sure the thicker your insulation, the better. I was in need of something that could be mounted internally since my livewell is exposed.
  3. Quackrstackr

    Insulating an existing livewell

    Works like a charm. I installed a livewell timer on it too. It now keeps crappie alive for over 6 hours in high 80 degree temps. They are all still lively when I get home with them. Keeping fish alive for over 30 minutes in the summer was tough before the modifications.
  4. Quackrstackr


    20 lbers are perfect starter fish. They'll get in the holes when they are nesting. That usually runs June/July here in Kentucky.
  5. Quackrstackr


    The yellow one was 60 lbs on the money. I'm 6'5 @ 260 so you'll have to trust me on the weight. It kinda throws things out of perspective. :lol:
  6. Quackrstackr


    Time for a bit of myth debunking. Firstly, we release over 95% of the fish that we catch. We keep the occasional small fish or one that accidentally got a gill busted in the fight. That's not many. I think it was one fish this year out of the 70 or so that we caught. We did keep some in the...
  7. Quackrstackr

    Can I mount transducer on my front trolling motor somehow?

    Zip tie it at the bottom and again right under the head leaving a somewhat slack line between the two to ride up the outside of your bracket.
  8. Quackrstackr

    Depthfinder - Should I use a regular one or portable?

    I always take mine off too. They have simple plug in the back.
  9. Quackrstackr

    Mounting transducer on transom

    Plus minus 1/8" I would say. Most brackets are slotted so you can adjust the height as needed after drilling the holes.
  10. Quackrstackr

    New Trail/Game Camera Advice

    Covert MP6
  11. Quackrstackr

    Padded carpet install, what to make it stick?

    Regular carpet tape might work.
  12. Quackrstackr

    tilt/trim finicky. replaced solenoids, possible bad motor?

    Sounds like a ground or a bad connection at the motor. If the solenoid is clicking, that pretty well rules out the switch.
  13. Quackrstackr

    Spindle Washer

    Probably 2 different hubs from only having one replaced in the past.
  14. Quackrstackr

    Need speed

    Could be a spun hub. Could also be the throttle stop on the carbs is adjusted in and not allowing WOT.
  15. Quackrstackr

    Broken Ribs (Hats)

    This is what I would do as well. In a pinch, you could weld angle on either side with one leg over the top.
  16. Quackrstackr

    Striped Bass fishing down the Cape

    Nice fish. =D> Looks like that small one interrupted happy hour.
  17. Quackrstackr

    Mud Motor kits available?

    :?: Looks to be some fishing going on, alright.
  18. Quackrstackr

    Sliding seat mount My boat has something similar to the "bench style" mounted all the way across the front edge of the rear deck. You can just tilt the seat(s) forward and slide them all the way...
  19. Quackrstackr

    Power-Pole Introduce the Micro Anchor
  20. Quackrstackr

    Power-Pole Introduce the Micro Anchor

    Up to 1500 lbs would cover a pretty good sized boat. Neat deal but those things are way out of my price range for an anchor. Even the accessories are insanely expensive. A manual spud pole would be a lot cheaper for basically the same thing.