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  1. SevenPin

    New Decal

    Jim, Thanks for the decals. Not sure why the image got turned :roll: Rick
  2. SevenPin

    Caught 4, lost three.

    Thanks Rich. Still trying to get out this year :oops: SevenPin
  3. SevenPin

    Full Boat Baits Giveaway

    In. Thanks Jim!
  4. SevenPin

    Samatis Baits 4" crawmatis giveaway

    Thanks Jim. Baits came in the mail today. If the weather holds out, I'll be hitting Raccoon Lake this weekend =D>
  5. SevenPin

    Samatis Baits 4" crawmatis giveaway

    In. Thanks Jim.
  6. SevenPin

    Show me your decal

    Here's Mine! Thanks Jim.
  7. SevenPin

    Full Boat Baits Giveaway

    In Sevenpin (aka Rick Ehlers)
  8. SevenPin

    Garage is ready - Just needs a boat!

    Great Looking work area Shoedawg =D> Hopefully my basement shop will look as good when I get it finished.
  9. SevenPin

    Garage is ready - Just needs a boat!

    Hang in there Doug! That's what my garage looked like last September when we got moved in. It only took me 10 months :shock: :D Rick
  10. SevenPin

    Garage is ready - Just needs a boat!

    Well, the garage is finally cleaned up so my Tracker can come home. But since the boat hasn't been run for almost 2 years, I've got a little work to do. Batteries, carpet, trolling motor pan, tires... Once I get the physical stuff done, she may visit Sherm's Marine in Wabash, IN and have...
  11. SevenPin

    50BMG Bottle Opener Karma!

    In! SevenPin
  12. SevenPin

    Useless to me lure

    In! SevenPin
  13. SevenPin

    Mitre saw help please

    Jim, How wide of lumber are you expecting to work with? Will you need to be able to do bevels or just straight and angled cuts? I currently have a 12" Rigid Dual Bevel Mitre saw that will handle lumber up to 8" wide. There are also sliding mitre saws but they start getting pricey. My first saw...
  14. SevenPin

    What's everyone planning for Labor Day weekend?

    Celebrating a birthday and moving into a new house (not necessarily in that order :D )
  15. SevenPin

    Think you got troubles.......

    So where's this secret lake you've been talking about???