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    1974 Starcraft V Hull Questions

    That trailer is to short! You could get a new 3x3 square tube from your local metal shop and extend it. Move the wench tower ahead. Get longer bunks. Might have to also move the axel to gain some weight
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    What is this Goop?

    Not sure what he has on his but I used Locktite brand marine threw hull adhesive sealant and it has held up for 2 years now. Have o be careful to get the metal sleeves back in the right spot. Clean both parts well first. I let mine set for about 6 days before installing them to give them a...
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    Asking too much from a 9.8 Evinrude?

    I was thinking 9.9 2 stroke. but still a good idea to check for spark on both cylinders
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    Asking too much from a 9.8 Evinrude?

    Check for spark on both cylinders. Sounds like its only running on one cylinder. What year is it? Are you sure its not a 9.9?
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    Does this look OK?

    Looks good and wont be a problem. Everyone I have had apart is like that.
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    Evinrude 15HP help with model number, missing plate

    Parts from 1974 to 1976 will fit it. Looks like it still has points so 1976 or older.
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    18 hp evinrude locked up marvel mystery oil?

    I have used Kroil and that did the trick but I have heard marvel oil mixed with acetone 50/50 is also good. Might have to drop your lower unit to make sure thats not the problem.
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    Johnson/seahorse 87's Carb needle adjustment

    Try adjusting the needle out a bit more
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    Suzuki or Tahatsu

    No Tahatsu dealer in my area but a Suzuki dealer not to far. That is part of why I am looking for opinions. Never a problem with the Tahatsu in the 5 years I had it but glad of that because of no dealer. I would probably buy online anyway because the dealer for the Suzuki is about 1000 more.
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    Suzuki or Tahatsu

    I have a 2018 Tahatsu 20 and thinking of replacing it with a new electric start model. I have had no problems with it but just getting to old or lazy to use a manual start. If you had a choice of Tahatsu or Suzuki what would you recommend. Both are about the same price. Like I said no problems...
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    Garboard drain plug

    I used a trailer hitch ball. I cut it down to length and ground it to shape of the original and used a rubber washer made from a innertube. About the only thing I could find with the right size and threads.
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    Mounting a transducer plate

    I did something similar and used a locktite marine sealant from Menards. Its holding great but I also used the holes from the old transducer to hold the transducer plate on. Short screws from the inside of the transom and the adhesive sealant over primed aluminum.
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    '78 Johnson 15hp - troubleshooting

    Sounds fine. It will be a bit jerky. It will be hard to shift without prop turning unless every thing happens to line up. As far as the idle that knob on the side might need everything attached to it cleaned up so it will move smoothly. You may have to tweek the low speed knob a bit .
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    Sierrra &%@*X+!!

    The new OMC points are a joke to. Old ones laying around I have cleaned up and work but the new ones you cant set at .20 without modifacation
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    Help me with 9.9/9.8 choices

    I picked up a new Tahatsu in 2018 and it gets a lot of use. Been a great motor. Mine is a 20 hp.If you dont want to go new look for a good used 9.9 Johnson or Evinrude.
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    Fixing screw practice?

    I had a boat with that problem. Seemed the previous owner couldn't decide where to mount the transducer. I just took a piece of cutting board type material and placed it over the holes and used loctite marine between the boat and cutting board and used some short screws from the inside of the...
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    9.9 evinrude prop

    Sure will!
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    TM length

    I have a 14 ft Crestliner a d the 48" is just right. If I end up in some waves it stays in the water.
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    structural integrity compromised

    You could also take a grinder to cut the opening and leave a inch or so on the bottom of the seat area that you removed and build a floor over it for a walkway. That way you would not need to remove the bottom rivets and it may help with the strength.
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    1956 Evinrude Sportwin 10 parts list and diagrams

    I just went with parts list for a 1958 for part numbers. They do have a list of parts for older motors on there brp parts catalog. Just finished getting a 10014 1956 Evinrude going. Great motor!