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  1. gillhunter

    gas or electric?

    Scolding??????? LOL
  2. gillhunter

    gas or electric?

    I see you started another thread about the same boat. It would have been thoughtful to include your intent for the boat in this thread.
  3. gillhunter

    gas or electric?

    I would suggest a 55lb. transom mount trolling motor and a deep cycle battery to begin with. You can always add a 9.9 of your choice later if you feel the need. We regularly fish a 270 acre lake with the trolling motor only. No problems.
  4. gillhunter

    gas or electric?

    How are you planning on transporting it? Trailer or the bed of a pickup?
  5. gillhunter

    gas or electric?

    What size boat? Where do you plan on using it and for what? You'll get better answers with a bit more information.
  6. gillhunter


  7. gillhunter

    Just a thought

  8. gillhunter

    Be carefull out there

    Oh, to be 70 again!
  9. gillhunter


  10. gillhunter

    Pleasure cruising / light fishing..with two old 14' boats, and one motor..

    It's not going to plane with a 6hp. but it will get you around just fine.
  11. gillhunter

    Experienced opions on my setup

    It depends on were you fish and when you fish. We fish a 1648 built for 10hp or total electric lakes. We have a 9.9 outboard, a 55lb transom mount and 45 bow mount trolling motors. I don't run both the trollers at the same time, but could if needed. We don't go out any more if the wind is much...
  12. gillhunter

    What have you been up to lately?

    Moved and spread 1/2 a dump truck load of cedar mulch and mowed the lawn for the first time this year Saturday. Raining today. Going to Cosco for meat to restock freezer. It's tough cooking for just 2 sometimes. We usually by meat in bulk and break it down an vacuum pack into 1 meal quantities...
  13. gillhunter

    Getting ready to outfit new Crestliner Storm 1700 with Elco motor and ??? electronics

    I live in North Georgia and fish electric most of the time mainly because I don't want to be on the large lakes with all the traffic. Understand that the boat and motor combo you are talking about will not plane and your top speed will be less than 10mph. All of this is fine if you are...
  14. gillhunter

    Alumacraft 1648 Project - Getting Ready, Again

    People love them here. Caught at this time of year when the water temp is in the low 60s they are great. Later in the season when the water temps are in the mid 80s not so much.
  15. gillhunter

    Alumacraft 1648 Project - Getting Ready, Again

    Another fishing season is here. The wife and I got out Friday afternoon for a couple of hours. This will be the 13th season for the boat if my math is correct. Did the normal spring maintenance on the boat and it's ready for another season. One of the advantages of a tinnie this size is at 71 we...
  16. gillhunter

    Solar Eclipse 2024

    Too young to be fully retired, so I'll be working.
  17. gillhunter

    What percentage of your boating is....

    Same here. 100% Freshwater. None of my boats I have owned have ever seen saltwater or brackish water.
  18. gillhunter

    Just Checking In

    The wife and I have been very fortunate. We got the jab at the insistence of our kids. We are both 71 and I worked with the public through the whole deal. Neither of us have gotten it to date. We are the only ones in our family to not get it. All of our kids and grand kids have had it at least...
  19. gillhunter

    New from Halifax, MA

    Welcome aboard. Pictures or it didn’t happen 😉
  20. gillhunter

    Towing with Smaller SUV

    I tow with a Honda Ridgeline. You shouldn't have a problem with the Pilot.