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    Extend Tongue Forward or Bunks Back?

    I think every point made here is well worth paying attention to. Great advice.
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    Duracraft 17

    I think you will be very happy with marine vinyl. Wrapping the edges of the 1/2 ply provides a lot of extra protection, IMO. Piano hinges came up in another thread recently. If you are going to use piano hinges, get the offset ones. A typical piano hinge is fastened only to the edge...
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    Boat cleaning questions

    Thanks for the hands on info. Those results are pretty impressive. The thing that still eludes me is after putting in all that work, how to keep it that way. For mine, it doesn't take long for the stains to take over again.
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    Any interest in a water pickup system?

    I had the same question (see posts #19 & #21). Of course the outboard will tilt, but I still question how effective the "trim" function would be with the prop just below the surface. Hence trim tabs that can be adjusted underway seem like a possible "good to have" to me. But honestly, I don't...
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    Primer bulbs

    I was not aware that they should be used vertically until I read this thread. I may be misunderstanding, but I think what is meant is to hold it vertically when using it. Otherwise it can lay flat? Maybe someone can clarify? Mine lays flat (horizontal) in the splash well. It is basically...
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    New to me - Starcraft 18' Mariner-V

    Mine has a hull weight of 750#. Add to that a bow mounted trolling motor, group 31 battery for the TM, starter battery, two electric down riggers & weights, 12 gallon portable tank, and all the other stuff common to a fishing boat. My Honda 50 HP four stroke comes in at 214#. I'm guessing...
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    Happy turkey day

    Thanks! Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
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    New to me - Starcraft 18' Mariner-V

    Congrats on the new boat. I like those wide gunnels. My 18' Gregor walk-thru weighs just a little more (dry hull) but is only rated at 60 HP max. With my 50 HP I can move along at 29-30 MPH and manage 32 mph at WOT. If you put a 70 or 90 on your Starcraft, it should fly.
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    Adding a house battery

    Great idea. Saves a lot of space and weight.
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    A Keeper.
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    A Face You Gotta Love

    Dog sitting for my Sister-in-Law. This is the most low maintenance dog I've ever encountered even if she looks like she was put together from spare parts.
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    Somewhere Off Coast of Miami

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    HELP !! Where did all the Yellow Perch go to ?

    2022 has been the worst year of fishing (catching) for me. I blame it on the drought. But who knows, maybe I need new gear. :) BTW, if it is called a snakehead, I'm probably not going to eat it.
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    SeaArk Rescue

    Well done TinArk. But, I think we still need to see a pic from out on the water.
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    Storage box hinge recommendations

    All the ones I've seen are for 3/4" material. You would need to add 1/4 to the thickness along the hinge side. In my opinion, that is a simple step and the benefits of an offset piano hinge make it worthwhile.
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    Cable/pulley steering vs rotary ?

    I would if budget allowed. See posts #4, #6, & #9 above.
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    Anyone use the Simrad IS35?

    Following. It is kind of a foreign language to me, but I'm interested. Especially when the cost of using this feature comes down (fingers crossed).
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    Vent hole

    I knew I was kind of on thin ice. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth. That is what had me scratching my head. He says it is on the side near the front. My outboard has nothing like that, but mine isn't a Merc either.