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    Funnies is really happening !!!!
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    I see similiar floats attached to nets for commercial fishermen here in Lake Erie. The top line connecting the two flags has a series of these floats inline to keep the net from falling to the bottom. Not sure what yours is for for !
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    Boarding Ladders (from water)?

    If you fall in the water, how do you deploy the ladder from outside the boat ??? Perhaps I am missing something here ??
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    Attaching Seat Swivels to a foamed bench seat

    My only issue with silicone is that once you use it, nothing else will stick to that spot. With the goop, anything will restick to that area....but you are correct, silicone does work!!
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    Primer bulbs

    The verticle instructions are for when your pumping them, once fuel is flowing it doesnt make any difference as long as the ball is in good working order. I have tried squeezing the ball in various positions and it works far better in a verticle position but once the fuel is flowing, I can lay...
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    what size motor

    Overvthe summer I downsized from a 22' to a 16' outboard fishing boat. Much easier for this old man to load and unload. This boat has a 1992 four cylinder two stroke 40 hp Merc outboard. I have been quite surprised at how well this motor performs!!! This is the newest 40 hp motor I have ever...
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    Attaching Seat Swivels to a foamed bench seat

    If you have wood or sheetmetal screws that keep comming loose, just add a small dab of " shoe goop" on the threads and it wont vibrate out, yet it can easily be removed when needed....a little goes a long way !!
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    Bench Seat Ideas

    Years back I had a 14' tinny with those metal tank seats. Hot and uncomfortable they were, so .....I wanted something more comfy but couldnt decide where to mount them. Then the light went on....used some 3/4" plywood and made a U shaped base that slide over the tank seat, added a couple of...
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    Easier way to raise a heavy outboard?

    Put heavy duty boards across at least three rafters to distribute the weight. My garage is trussed and by tying three trusses together to distribute the weight, I lifted my 70 hp 3 cylinder Johnson and lifted a V4 for the neighbor with no issues. After setup I hung from the center, my fat ass...
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    New to me - Starcraft 18' Mariner-V

    Had that same model and color many years back. Mine had a 70 jonnyrude 3 cylinder and would do 37 mph empty, then around 33/34 with normal gear and my three kids. Awesome boat, but couldnt stand the pea green color..After first summer, put it in the garage andvrepainted it over the winter...
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    Cable/pulley steering vs rotary ?

    Yes, it was rope many many moons back. As a kid I remember well replacing frayed rope and get into the new fancy vinyl coated cable. Just bare cable was used for a short while, but it ate up the pulleys and frayed into pointy sharp ends causing more problems.
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    Adding a house battery

    I have a similiar battery that I have had for over 5 years with no issues. Mine is 12v but a 12 amh rating. It has powered my 30 lb trolling motor for my pond jon boat and use it to power my boom sprayer to spray my 5 acer yard. Never has it run out of power yet....38 bucks shipped to my front...
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    Alumacraft V16 Modification

    You might want to recobsider removing the splashwell on the transom. A passing boat wake could easily come in over the transom and swamp your boat. Keep in mind you will also have the weight of a 40 hp motor hanging on there so freeboard will be less than you think !! You might consider...
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    1973 Lowe 1648 Jon Flooring/Transom Questions

    Safety chains also keep them from sinking, but having wood on both sides of the transom greatly lessens the chances of the motor comming loose. Many smaller (portable) motors dont have the extra mounting holes for bolts. Back in my younger days. ( thats waaaay back) only motors over 25 hp had...
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    Mercury Identification

    That model/ serial number should give you everything you need. On my 40 hp merc, I posted my model/ serial number on a couple Mercury sites and all the pertenent information popped up
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    1973 Lowe 1648 Jon Flooring/Transom Questions

    Forgot to add....put a few "rivnuts" into your ribs to hold the flooring, this way it can be easily removed for cleaning !!!
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    1973 Lowe 1648 Jon Flooring/Transom Questions

    That outline on the transom was probably another piece of wood, most smaller boats use a clamp on motor, it is best if there is wood on both sides of the transom to give the motor clamps something to bite on. Many motors have slipped off of all metal transoms, and in case you didnt know, the...
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    Fabricating a Mount for Trolling Motor.....Any pics out there?

    Those battery units are not cheap and typically the batteries are dead when you need them !!!! Been down that road.....If you shop around you can buy the plug in nav lights so the actual light itself can be stored when not being used. I have them on my current tinny and works out very well !!!!
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    67 evinrude remote steering bracket ?

    Appears to be the right connector, installed many in my younger years. The above post is correct, use a good quality cable to get the best performance, there should also be a spring at each end to keep the cable taught while it runs back and forth thru turning..
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    HELP !! Where did all the Yellow Perch go to ?

    To damn ugly to eat !!