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  1. FuzzyGrub

    New to me - Starcraft 18' Mariner-V

    In our '67 mariner-V, all the foam was under the deck. The prior owner removed it all when they pulled the floor., on yours.
  2. FuzzyGrub

    Jet boat pods

    I can only say is that everything you have stated is consistant with what I have read about them. How much it will improve things, is probably your real question. With three guys, think it will help some, but it is still going to struggle to plane.
  3. FuzzyGrub

    New to me - Starcraft 18' Mariner-V

    You have the big brother to our 14’ Mariner V. :) It is a strong riveted hull. No leaks since it was new in the 60’s.
  4. FuzzyGrub

    Adding a house battery

    No, I'd use one of the trolling motor batteries which are just Lead-acid.
  5. FuzzyGrub

    Anyone use the Simrad IS35?

    While it is NMEA compatable, it requires a $200 converter box and $30 special cable. I don't want to invest that in an old HB 999ciHD. I'll probably upgrade to something more modern and larger screen in a few years, and make sure that unit is NMEA compatable. The SImrad will be just be for...
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    Primer bulbs

    FWIW: Our 2022 G3 w/90hp power head came with water filter and primer bulb. Yamaha EFI four stroke jet.
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    Anyone use the Simrad IS35?

    I think I'm going to go with this NMEA 2000 Starter Kit: Starter Kit With a 16' backbone to reach from the forward center console to stearn: 16 ft Backbone I am going to make the engine interface cable, which will make it easier to get through the engine plug. Here is one of the available...
  8. FuzzyGrub

    Anyone use the Simrad IS35?

    After reading about the NMEA2K network, seems straight forward. I think it is worth doing on this new boat. We will have it for many years and the number of devices will increase over time. It looks like the Yamaha supports NMEA2K without a gateway, but if you use it, can get the "Yamaha...
  9. FuzzyGrub

    Anyone use the Simrad IS35?

    I do have a technical background, so reading/learning about NMEA 2000 is stimulating for this retired guy. It seems to be very similar to the old 10 Base T networks. Garmin has allot of online docs to read. The command link seems to be very proprietary/expensive and limited. NMEA2K seems to...
  10. FuzzyGrub

    Anyone use the Simrad IS35?

    I am considering using one with a NMEA2K network to the the yamaha, instead of using the Yamaha multi-gauges. The screens seem much better than the gauges and can do both in one unit. I considered going to my old HB 999ciHD, but requires about $200 more in special cable and black box. With...
  11. FuzzyGrub

    12V - 55# - Group 31DC - Approx. Run Time on 16' Alumacraft

    I was going back and forth on spending the extra $500 for the GPS option. Very glad I went that way.
  12. FuzzyGrub

    Brian O'Leary and the OBJ Community

    I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like a great man to have known. I recently got my first jet, and found the website very refreshing with allot of technical and parts information. Much more than what is provided by Yamaha. I do my own maintenance and repairs, so this was very important for...
  13. FuzzyGrub

    12V - 55# - Group 31DC - Approx. Run Time on 16' Alumacraft

    That's quite the testimony of how well they work. 20mph winds with our light tinny hulls, + 2' waves, WOW!
  14. FuzzyGrub

    Fabricating a Mount for Trolling Motor.....Any pics out there?

    3/4" Ext Plywood and epoxy sealed will last forever on the bow. While I have a boat with a similar bow, never mounted a traditional bow trolling motor to it. I do understand the angle and curves is going to make it more "fun". I wouldn't settle on size of the bow platform until you have...
  15. FuzzyGrub

    current used boat prices? Help me understand what I am looking at

    I have been looking for a used pontoon since mid-summer. Prices I've seen are rediculus, but many sold within a few days of listing. Also have been tracking some old ones that have been sittings at a high price and not willing to budge, months latter. obviously, just trying to be...
  16. FuzzyGrub

    Plywood for flooring

    That is what I would do at this point. Preferably find some polymer strips instead of having to seal wood strips.
  17. FuzzyGrub

    12V - 55# - Group 31DC - Approx. Run Time on 16' Alumacraft

    I can only say that we have been very happy with the MG Xi3. I'm sure the MK is good, as well. I see you are getting the GPS capabilities. Highly recommended. On a recent solo trip (first one), it made life very easy. Point it in the direction I want to go, and hit the button. Can change...
  18. FuzzyGrub

    When do surface/topwater lures stop working?

    I'm never much for "rules". but at water temps of 60 degrees usually there are better producing techniques. At least it is here for smallies. The last time my son and I were out, water temps were 61 and overcast. He did get a couple on top water, but natural colored spinnerbaits were the...
  19. FuzzyGrub

    Extend Tongue Forward or Bunks Back?

    As far as overhang for transom support, 1/4"-1/2" is all that is needed. Long doesn't hurt, unless you are mounting a transducer there. That won't change with motor. What will change, is tongue weight. On these light tinnys, too little is usually the problem, and get sway. Yours looks...
  20. FuzzyGrub

    Trailer upgrades……

    I thought our new Bear trailer had polymer bunks, but they are just plastic covered 2 x 4s. We'll see how they hold up to cracking. It is not that hard pushing off the boat, but still might add some slick pads. I have the roller bunks on the trailer for the DMI 1648. It hasn't caused any...