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    Cleaning the boat cover

    All my covers on everything are made of sunbrella. They get a 2 to 4 minute wash cycle. Then a rinsing.......... NO drying in a machine. I roll it up & spread it out to dry on a wood dock. Flip it 2 times. Spray on sealer both sides & touch up light spots. Going on 20 years.
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    Bench Seat Ideas

    I just use use those big throwable flat USCG seat cushions. White is very cool
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    Boat cleaning questions

    Check some auto body shops on spraying ONLY the transom right after polishing to lock out the air & oxidation problem. Or bring in a piece of polished Roof Flashing & clear coating it. Clear coat on cars is tough & U V resistant.
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    Duracraft 17

    Aluminum rivets have lasted for 30 years in unneeded holes. Freshwater boat. Exterior plywood with at least 2 coats of U V resistant paint on all edges and surfaces. Hatches have rust proof Piano Style hinges about 4 to 6" long with S S or Bronze hardware. I use a soft Metal Wire Wheel to...
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    Fabricating a Mount for Trolling Motor.....Any pics out there?

    Good selection of the plug in lights. Bow & stern / anchor types.
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    Cable/pulley steering vs rotary ?

    What is your evasive point ?
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    When do surface/topwater lures stop working?

    Smallmouths are a school fish. They eat a place clean . Then move to the next stop.
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    Johnson 15 hp Cuts Out

    Your gas place is SCREWING YOU !! If you ARE covering the gas tank when not running it. Or rain is coming into the tank.
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    2.5 hp Mercury starting problems

    The smaller the engine ? The more important a CORRECT sized fuel filter is. See if the engine even has a thermostat. Cold engine WILL WILL blacken sparkplug's FAST and cause hard to start engine. I always put in a sparkplug 1 heat range hotter than specified to help with starting & trolling...
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    In between a long and standard shaft - which to choose ?

    If it is 17" ? It is a Molested odd ball & will need a goofy jack plate to get right. 1 size of B S fits all boats ? Not
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    HELP !! Where did all the Yellow Perch go to ?

    They are in most river systems by now. Same as the Asian Jumping Carp. USA has never made any plant, insect or animal ILLEGAL before it is brought into the country. Anything for a dollar is O K.
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    2.5 hp Mercury starting problems

    Old Carb engine CAN BE VERY FLOAT HEIGHT SENSITIVE. Test is warm up motor while tied to the dock. Then at idle in FORWARD GEAR. Tilt the motor to SLIGHTLY different angles and hold for 15 seconds at each position. Tells if carb needs to have float / mixture screw better adjusted.
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    Vintage aluminum 12’

    If the boat is newer than 1972 it has a 12 digit H I N.
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    HELP !! Where did all the Yellow Perch go to ?

    Only the finest restaurants serve Snakeheads. I can adjust to almost anything. If it is good. :)
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    1973 Lowe 1648 Jon Flooring/Transom Questions

    Motors do have holes to be used to bolt them to the transom. Some also provide holes to tie the clamp screws together. Either can prevent motors from falling off during normal cruising.
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    Adding a house battery

    Why I keep my electric start 30 hp motor in perfect run & start condition with a hand starting rope.
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    1973 Lowe 1648 Jon Flooring/Transom Questions

    1/4"thick EXTERIOR Plywood for the floor that is sealed with a EXTERIOR PAINT on all edges and sides at least 2 coats. Do not block the floor grooves in any way. Bilge pump in a S S cage to keep junk out of it. Mount it at the transom in either corner. Then a bow up & a sharp turn will place...
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    Plywood for flooring

    NO CARPET WITH..............LOOPS !!! Hooks are cut out. so BARE FEET ARE HAPPY. :)
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    In between a long and standard shaft - which to choose ?

    Boats are SUPPOSED to be either 15" or a 20" transom in the small size boats on this site. The O B motors SHOULD be a perfect fit......Used motor with used parts ??? Anything can happen.