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    Anyone else getting Internet Explorer errors on the forum?

    yep every time i get on it wants me to send error report but if i dont the paige still recovers
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    12ft Valco boat -refinishing in process- Any ideas?

    im right here nice lookn boat hope it turns out good
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    baitcaster help

    when you realese the spool the the bait your using should fall slowly and when it hits the ground it the spool should stop turning just adjust the tension knop some beginers like to set the tension a little tighter ......hope it helps
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    our new boat

    yes it was an awsome buy payed less for it than my jon boat
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    our new boat

    this is the boat that we just stole for 700dollars it is a 176v randall craft 198? it a great lookin boat it has a 150 oil injected outboard it was a great find so i thought i would share it. it needs some new carpet and cleaning up but other than that it is a great boat
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    Ebay funny

    i hope his wife doesnt find out bout this ad lol
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    does any body make their own lures

    im lookin for a good but cheap air brush gun i tryed painting a lures with paint brushes and i thined some paint out but i just cant get the shine i want like the one in the pics
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    does any body make their own lures

    i just cut out a plug for a crank bait i have to sand them down to give them rounded edges i ordered a diving tounge and some small eye screw hope it works out
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    does any body make their own lures

    here is a lure i helped make when a preacher of my church was there i havent had a chance to use it yet but according to him they work great with jack fish and bass
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    does any body make their own lures

    alright well i just became facinated by the making of lures so i thought i might give it a try i searched the subject and watched some instrutional videos no real good info from that so i thought i might give you guys a try any info or pics of your home made lures will be great. :) :D :LOL2:
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    Thought some of you might like this.

    how did you do the bunks on that trailer i have a trailer very similar with just that single beam in center it is very hard to get my boat on to the trailer have a look at it in my forum and give me some pointers
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    1968 sea nymph

    going to add the motor today will post pic after complete lets hope it still runs straight line winds blew our barn down which knocked it of its stand although theres nvisibe damage other than cracked plastic
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    1968 sea nymph

    i dont have no boat seats yet im 17 without a job so for now i just put a lawn chair up there to fish on wich turned out to be a great idea
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    1968 sea nymph

    i plan on painting the inside but could not this fishing season it will have to wait untill next winter i have some fishing to do .
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    1968 sea nymph

    its a 14 ft its stable fished on it this weekend and it did just fine but i almost fell out of my lawn chair when i leaned to grab something
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    1968 sea nymph

    this is my 1968 sea nymph i pick it up a couple months ago and began to modify it i added a castin deck and painted it it came with a depth finder a 9 1/2 evenrude motor an a 25 lb thrust trolling motor i have no before pics but here are a couple completed pics
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    HOUSE's 14' Crestliner V-haul MOD (photos added)

    thanks that program is hard to use but i will figure it out