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    Trailer wheels worth upsizing?

    65mph? Questionable worth.. not worth it to me for a lightly loaded trailer. Like has been said, bigger diameter wheels/tires slow down bearing speeds and increase load capacity, but that's probably still a 2000 pound capacity axle. I used to be worried, but a dozen years with a 12" tired...
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    1974 Starcraft V Hull Questions

    Good news on the trailer, when I first looked it seems like a jetski trailer so you probably have that under control now. At least the boat is managable enough to get on horses while you deal with the bunks. " I'm still working on my rehab of my 16 foot fiberglass boat. Needs transom...
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    1240 flat bottom with a 6hp speed?

    Good points. It costs more to repower later if you don't like hull speed with the 6hp and two people. I looked at several Tohatsu / Mercury 6 and 9.9 and the difference in engine displacement is huge. 333cc v. 123cc. That makes the choice easy enough for me. Well, that and the 9.9 is the same...
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    Marine Grade Plywood alternatives

    I went through this last summer at 170 for a sheet of 1/2 marine grade. I worried and researched and looked into composites and really worked myself up about it. In the end, I wrote the check and I wish I would have just done that to begin with. That stuff is sexy! If it's a boat your keeping...
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    70’s Starcraft 14’ Seafarer “By Golly”

    that's the bottom half of the shell? How does the top half look?
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    Lithiums on MK 24V/80/60...NO Speeds Higher than 85% for Prolonged Times?

    Exactly - and why I was being a wind bag about it. lol. It applies, but not really, because the technology has already changed favorites for a less dangerous chemistry with significantly different performance. From the original post: "Minn Kota trolling motors can run on Lithium-Ion batteries...
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    Lithiums on MK 24V/80/60...NO Speeds Higher than 85% for Prolonged Times?

    They're talking about Li-Ion , lithim ion, not LiFePo4 or lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry.... a top charged Li Ion cell is 4.1 or 4.2v, with a 3.7 or 3.6 nominal voltage compared to a Li Fe Po4 at tops 3.6-3.65 ish per cell with 3.2 nominal volts. 4 Lithium ion cells could be 16.8...
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    Plastic Boat? Would you buy one?

    I'm a bit claustrophobic so anything with a collar is an immediate no from me... flipping it over after it tips causes my brain to full stall just thinking about it. The big daddy-o two seater was interesting I guess, but where do you mount the outboard?
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    Taking Up the Slack?

    just a thought, but EMT is very strong for it's size and weight - 3/4 inch is still easy enough to bend and not incredibly heavy. I like it a LOT better than PVC because it's not afraid of UV light and doesn't get brittle in a few years. There's some maker kids calling it maker pipe and selling...
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    Want to buy a boat but worried

    LOL! I haven't head that from a salesman in a while. I used to hear it a lot and I'd answer "Only driven by a little old lady to make withdrawals from the bank after church on Sundays? Did they ever catch the rest of her gang?" I miss those old guys. :)
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    Want to buy a boat but worried

    // random brain dump = on Excellent replies! I wouldn't say that I'm hugely experienced with aluminum boats, grew up on Fiberglass, but here's what I noticed. That boat looks like it might have been stored under a carport or maybe covered at some point - I only see a few acorns in it. Down...
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    Help Needed. 1989 Johnson 25 hp converted to a 30/35 HP

    (removed smarty pants reply... wasn't helpful. I couldn't figure out how to remove the post, sorry.)
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    12 foot sea king boat

    The ribbing and spray rails made me wonder if it was a Trailorboat? This was from a classified of a sold boat "Klamath Trailorboat" And the Trailorboat / Klamath Speedmaster top left of the below picture maybe? Flat bottom and barrel back are kind of unique sources...
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    Old Gas

    Gallon of Gallo! (ahem. Cough. lol. Dad did it all the time down on the coast so you could see if there was water in it.) Changing the fuel oil ratio also changes the air fuel ratio - more oil means less gas in the same volume, makes it run leaner. I'll admit that I'm guilting of running 32:1...
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    Old Gas

    The obvious answer is run the boat! I guess it's getting colder up there. We're still in the 80's down here. So many ways to look at it. It's top end and fuel pump lube. It will make a carbureted 4 stroke engine run leaner (less fuel to same air, two stroke oil doesn't burn like gas does so it...
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    1970 14ft Jcpenney Foremost

    mbullen for the win - Starcraft SeaFarer 14 . They still have it or something very very similar in their model lineup as a SF14, Here is one as a Montgomery Wards SeaKing, rated for a 40hp in 1966. I can't find where I located...
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    1989 Fisher Marsh Hawk 3V

    Depends on what your performance requirements are. 70hp would probably get it around 40mph with a couple of medium size guys in it when it was new and probably be borderline scary in any kind of chop. I'd think mid to high 20's with a 30hp and the kids on board and provide a decent ride without...
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    14' V length reduction

    I'm guessing here, but lemme guess... you have a 15hp laying around and the idea of a 10' boat with that hanging off the back and going 35 mph? :) :) :) worse ideas have been born. Grin. I was thinking in terms of time / labor / costs / cost recovery if you decide to sell it. My projects tend...
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    14' V length reduction

    Just thinking out loud here, but I would think moving the transom forward of the next rib / brace in that picture would keep you from having to pull the sides in much if any and you could just re-rivet everything. Use the rib for a cut line and remove the rib / everything aft of that and you...
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    For guys with more $$$ than ingenuity

    ah, yes, sorry, I missed the point where you were saying it would be much safer. Yeah, it would be a ton safer than some of the junk I (we) have used. I would say one thing about a gantry crane that I'm sure you guys have already thought about. All of the reasonably affordable ones that I have...