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  1. bcritch

    Show us your Motorcycles

    Love it. That's great. It doesn't get much better than that!
  2. bcritch

    Show us your Motorcycles

    Beautiful Bike
  3. bcritch

    I'm back

    I just saw the post saying that you were selling the site and now it's sold :) Glad to hear that you're doing well.
  4. bcritch

    Show us your Motorcycles

    Here's my 2022 Harley Road King.
  5. bcritch is for sale

    Jim, You built an outstanding site and I wish you the best of luck with the Sale and your next adventures.
  6. bcritch

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving Jim!
  7. bcritch

    I Had a Terrific Weekend!

    Great weekend indeed. Congratulations
  8. bcritch

    thinking about buying a kayak

    Looks a like nice Yak. Congrats on the purchase
  9. bcritch

    thinking about buying a kayak

    I just ordered the Sea Ghost 110 due to your recommendation and then my additional research on this model. It has excellent reviews. Thank you
  10. bcritch

    thinking about buying a kayak

    I've been looking around a lot and reading up on everything. I like that a few guys on here recommended their Yaks as an alternative to the Hobies. I'm researching the In Hull vs. Thru Hull transducers now. I definitely want an In Hull Transducer.
  11. bcritch

    thinking about buying a kayak

    :LOL2: I sneak on as a guest once in a while but I'll start contributing again. All is well and I hope the same for you! :beer
  12. bcritch

    thinking about buying a kayak

    Great info! Thanks guys. I sold my Tin back in the fall and I'm in the Market for a new Kayak. I thought I was stuck paying $3K for a Hobie. Now I'm just researching a clean way to install a Fish Finder without a lot of clutter.
  13. bcritch

    Military Vets

    Awesome job!
  14. bcritch

    Military Vets

    If I had it to do over I would differently do it much differently. I join as an Enlisted E1 as an Aviation Electrons Technician in the Navy. What I would have done differently: Worked my butt of in High School and graduated in the top 5% of my class. Applied to attend the US Naval Academy...
  15. bcritch

    RIP Zorba

    Sorry to hear Jim...
  16. bcritch

    SliderG5 Inventory Reduction Sale!

    Got my Slider yesterday and installed it today. Excellent quality, well built, well engineered, all of the hardware needed and easy to install. I highly recommend this product =D>
  17. bcritch

    TinBoats Trivia Update

    Don't be afraid guys...... You can't do any worse than me! :LOL2:
  18. bcritch

    SliderG5 Inventory Reduction Sale!

    Finally ordered one today........I can't wait to get it..... Looks like a great product
  19. bcritch

    1436 or 1542

    I have a G3 1448 and love it......