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  1. juggernot

    Inherited a Diawa tournament SS 1600!

    The reel performed great, on a 7' mh Falcon rod It cast a 5/8 spoon 70+ yrds w 30lb braid, caught a 4 lb Spanish in the surf and many underslot flounder, some blues and lizard fish on the boat @ the inlet. It also worked well tossing 2-3 oz bottom rigs. The drag is outstanding on this reel.
  2. juggernot

    8lb line to small for bass?

    .............. From what he says, hooking them isn't the problem, it's getting them out of the lilies that's not working. I'm not what you'd call a skilled fisherman - just my experience. Good point. I've never cared for flipping/jigging thick vegetation and don't care to fish tournaments. I...
  3. juggernot

    My Redneck Crossbow toter

    The best part is it only cost about $20 to make 2. I had everything but the PVC and some stainless screws on hand. My first model was tapered on both sides to clear the limbs on the +bow, I assumed I needed that for strength and would carry the quiver separately but that requires screwing it on...
  4. juggernot

    My Redneck Crossbow toter

    I did not want to spend $$$ on a +bow case only to have it take up deck space and bounce all over, trip all over. So I improvised and the result is a functional, secure bracket that isolates the bow/scope from shock in chop when my boat pounds. I bought a piece of PVC 4x4 post cover at Home...
  5. juggernot

    Case for Crossbow?

    I got the idea while fishing and seeing deer myself onshore and in bow range during bow season. I bought my boat for hunting deer as much as fishing but I've always beached the boat to go hunting. I will post pics thursday and you could make your own easily.I'm looking to cast and blast ( or...
  6. juggernot

    Case for Crossbow?

    I have made 2 brackets to hold crossbows in my G3. They are sturdy and islolate the crossbows from shock while riding in the boat. I made them out of 4x4 pvc fence/mailbox post covering, packaging foam and velcro. I will post up some pics soon. Mine are made for Excalibur +bows but I believe...
  7. juggernot

    Aluminum sheets

    I appreciate the link but I'm tapped out @ the moment and looking @ a new prop.
  8. juggernot

    Fastest outboard brand

    I don't know about brands, but I would imagine a lighter 2 stroke motor would propel any boat faster (top speed )than the same hp 4 stroke motor simply because the 4 stroke is going to weigh more. The 4 stroke might get better mpg but I'm no expert. The amount of weight loaded in the boat and...
  9. juggernot

    patio umbrellas

    Nice work, especially the woodwork. I really like that camper.
  10. juggernot

    Need a reason to tie your boat down??? Watch this (4 mins)

    Around 2003 I was driving east on hwy 17 near Hertford N.C. early in the morning; Came across a beautiful, brand new , huge 25'+ twin outboard offshore boat on the side of the road. There was nobody there. The Boat was also headed east and I could see a long white line/gouge in the road the keel...
  11. juggernot

    G3 1436 or v16ft which boat...

    Depends on what you're going to do with them, 1436 good for ponds/small lakes/creeks/rivers and fits in a pickup bed. V hull would be better for large lakes.
  12. juggernot

    Aluminum sheets

    That's an awesome find, strong, light and great traction built in. I could find dozens of uses for those .
  13. juggernot

    patio umbrellas

    anyone can make their own cheap out of PVC. Maybe an aluminum one would be profitable? Or a base that could be installed like a seat pedestal base behind the seat to simply drop the umbrellas post right into the deck?
  14. juggernot

    patio umbrellas

    I'll try to post pics of it in action if i have time tomorrow, I have also got a new way to cover my boat that's way more better than my PVC pipe frame.
  15. juggernot

    patio umbrellas

    This is my PVC umbrella stand. Made of 1 1/2" pvc, 1 side slips over the seat pedestal then the seat goes on over it,the other holds the umbrella pole. The bracket can swivel 360* around the seat to position it anywhere I want it. I have 2 9' patio umbrellas and use one that has a multi tilting...
  16. juggernot

    Aluminum sheets

    For what it's worth I had a metal shop shear some aluminum sheets for one of my projects. I just marked lines and x's were I wanted it cut, maybe 10 cuts/shears for $20 and all edges were straight and smooth. I used a ******* file to smooth the sharp edges and round some of the corners.
  17. juggernot

    They call me crazy for a reason

    I think it could be doable, with separate throttles you could steer by more/less throttle on the port/starboard engine w no need for a rudder/ers. But if one engine conked out you'd only turn wide circles. On second thought, having the pontoons sealed w a hatch/rubber could could turn them into...
  18. juggernot

    Need a good seat idea..

    I wish I had a picture..........I met a Duck hunter who was leaving Jordan Lake one evening. He had an ancient,narrow, beat up, spray can camo 14' jon boat w tiller and a nice adjustable high back office chair w armrests and pedistal mounted on the rear bench. It was high enough to easily step...
  19. juggernot

    Blood Therapy OCD Broadheads

    I'd be concerned about pass through w that large ring and fitting those heads into a quiver, sharpening the round blade would be a feat also. I've shot Muzzys for well over a decade and never had one not pass through. I also like Muzzy because they fly straight, I can practice w them and and...
  20. juggernot

    Pool side kabob day

    I think I was too busy drooling over the pictures to see/read that ! thanks for the link.