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  1. BrazosDon

    SAVE your boat from sinking, use WAX RING from a toilet!

    I'll bet on that one.
  2. BrazosDon

    New guy, first post

    I have a 14X48 MV with a 18hp motor on it. Fortunately I have a trailer also. I would not go any small than a 14X48 since I am 69yo with medical problems. It is very stable and very safe and is big enough. Look at this and maybe it will help you make up your mind...
  3. BrazosDon

    First project

    Welcome to Tinboats. So glad to have you. So far so good. I know you will have fun with the new boat. If you fill out your profile we could see where you live, occupation, age, interest, and become a person instead of a "post". Think about it.
  4. BrazosDon

    Muzzle Loader Forum

    I like the traditional muzzleloaders. I have a Kentucky percussion kit gun in .45cal and a 50cal Thompson Hawkins. Both shoot very good and straight. No complaints. I also like the accessories and leathers that go along with them. I don't know of any clubs in the area but hope to find one...
  5. BrazosDon

    Backup Cameras

    Thanks PSG-1 for the info, I'm getting old and I probably would not though of that. I need all the help I can get!
  6. BrazosDon

    Just Downloaded Windows 10

    I put windows 10 on my Toshiba lap top and lost the mouse pad. I started using a remote mouse and it seems to be working fine now. Hope that helps.
  7. BrazosDon

    Mounting Lights

    I feel your pain, brother.
  8. BrazosDon

    Mounting Lights

    Make a system out of PVC to pt your lights on and strap them with the tie up system and the oar chocks. removable and easy to use.
  9. BrazosDon

    Backup Cameras

    Thanks Seon, can you use the cigarette lighter socket for the monitor? I also was looking on Google and came up with this. Might help.
  10. BrazosDon

    Motor Mount for a canoe I am lucky to have a square back canoe with a 3hp Johnson and I am not...
  11. BrazosDon

    Bunk board and Trex

    Capt. Ahab, How long have you had those cutting boards on the trailer? Do you expect they they might get brittle over the long run?
  12. BrazosDon

    Fear the beard!

    What you do Jim is get your own shampoo and conditioner. I use Crew shampoo and Crew 2 conditioner that my barber told me about. He had a big ol' beard. I think about $20.00.
  13. BrazosDon

    Bunk board and Trex

    Jethro and Vader809, that would be great. I wish I could something in return for you guys! Well this is all it's about is sharing. thanks till you are better paid.
  14. BrazosDon

    Bunk board and Trex

    I have never used this material but I'd like to see some pics of it when you get finished. Good luck.
  15. BrazosDon

    Mounting Lights

    Did you click on the pictures? If you do it will some times show you how to fab the particular mod. Don't give up on those pics, they can be valuable. The whole point of the post was to show different ideas and maybe you could adapt one for your purpose. A picture of your boat would help. I...
  16. BrazosDon

    nuff said - it's over

    Go to show not ever let your guard down. Even on vacation, out of state with your wife and kids, he forgot his training.
  17. BrazosDon

    Mounting Lights Whistler, I feel the same way with you. I have not come with a system yet. I have to...
  18. BrazosDon

    MV 1448 Deck Question

    Nice work, HeavyHook. I like the corner covers idea and those hand rails on your boat. I have diabetes and have neuropathy in my feet and legs and I think they would help me get around in my boat. Were the rails home made or did you buy them from a manufacturer? Any feedback would be helpful...
  19. BrazosDon

    Very Sick Joke - I laughed, don't know if you will?

    Look at me, so exsited. '*WOW*'!!!!!!!!!
  20. BrazosDon

    Very Sick Joke - I laughed, don't know if you will?

    haven't had some in quit some time!