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    33lb Minn Kota bow mount cable steer 12v 42" shaft

    maybe if I still had it Sorry sold it a while back, forgot about this ad
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    33lb Minn Kota bow mount cable steer 12v 42" shaft

    Cable steer works fine just old upgraded to a larger motor located in Farmington Hills Michigan $110 I looked up the serial number and its a 2000 model year 42" shaft It came on the 16.5 ft smokercraft side console I bought earlier this year thanks
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    New project 14ft Meyers V Hull

    Sorry Jim I really loved that slider seat base. Very high quality and great communication with the maker of it as I had a few minor questions
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    New project 14ft Meyers V Hull

    Hello guys sorry it took so long I have been away The motor is a 9.9 Actually I sold Tina Tinner. To a very nice young man, its his first boat. I miss it but I really didnt like the tiller and wanted to upgrade to a side console. The boat was just too small for me as well. Last week I...
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    Are all portable fuel tanks crap now?

    you can still buy old style replacement spouts on Amazon and other places and retrofit your can with them
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    Cleaning an outboard powerhead

    he wants to eat dinner using his flywheel as a dinner plate lol
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    Need a good seat idea..

    it comes with mounting hardware. SS sheet metal screws, lots of them I did have a mount like Dale pictured, to be honest it does not hold a candle to the GS Slider mount I have now
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    Need a good seat idea..

    the slider will allow you to position the seat any where you want on the bench. Also its made of real heavy duty materials. I was impressed when I received it. when you mentioned duck hunting I did not think about my setup because of the seat post, but it works the same without it
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    Need a good seat idea..

    I have a slider and a short seat post. Its very comfortable if that is what you are after
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    New axle?

    take a hammer and rap on the areas you suspect are bad. if its solid it will give you that sharp tapping sound if its a dull thud then its weak I think its just fine
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    Johnson 3 cyl 35 hp - Runs for while then dies

    If you take Pappy's advice you ARE spending your money carefully
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    Circuit breaker for trolling motor

    I can send you some of the proper connectors if you cant finD them just pm me your mailing address thNKS
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    Circuit breaker for trolling motor

    you don't need a breaker and a fuse they do the same job all you need is one or the other I have the fuse type and have an extra fuse in my boat. In all my years I have never ever blown that fuse if you are blowing that fuse then something is wrong.
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    Johnson 3 cyl 35 hp - Runs for while then dies

    any electronic component can be affected by heat
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    Going from a 40HP to a 50 HP outboard

    unless something is wrong with the motor the RPM will be dependent on the setup, the boat, prop, motor height, trim etc.
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    Bunk location on tilt trailer?

    2 bunks is plenty just follow's Rich's advice
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    transom saver.

    the My Wedge is different. I know people who use them they are intended to protect the hydraulic trim/ tilt components, the stress is still the same on the transom I use the same transom saver on my 24ft Grady White with a 200 Johnson as I do on my 14ter with the 9.9 hp not only does a...
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    Fixing a 1/2" hole?

    good plan I dont think the holes will be much of a problem I would worry more about the trailer, sounds like you have that figured out too the magnetic trailer lights are an idea, I would tape them down for the trip home as I had a set from HF and one good bump on a crappy road and I was...
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    About to start from scratch wiring my boat

    I would not worry about running the fish finder off the trolling motor battery. I do and have zero interference when the motor is running the battery acts like a giant capacitor and will absorb any interference, unless you have the lead wires running along each other keep them separated and...