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    Fisher 1860AW... New Boat -- New Construction

    looks great, I wish I could get something like that.. I dont have any clue where I could just get the hull since they arent common down here..I dont want to spend 15k for a (huge) jon boat.
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    pros and cons to carpet ?

    just curious what are the pros and cons to adding carpet to your boat ? I like the way it looks but am worried about the maintenance of it. I use my boat in salt water most of the time and occasionally take it on the river. thanks
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    Viewing Pictures?

    if you read the red colored info at the top of the page it explains whats going on. Basically the website is switching to a new service provider and all the info including pics and what not are in the process of switching to the new, so they may not work until everything is switched over.
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    Bought 1st boat monday- second guessing decision

    is the guy paying out of pocket ? or is his insurance involved? make sure nobody cheaps you out on the deal. just because the hole in the boat is fixed doesnt make it fair. I would not be happy if any of the damage was still there, like scratches or dents on the boat or trailer.
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    Price of a Trailer

    I didnt read the whole thing but keep your eyes open on Tampa craigslist. Ive picked nice jetskie trailers for 50 to 250 just to re-sell them. a brand new trailer ranges around 1100 I think, so anything under 500 isnt a terrible deal, but I see them (nice) go for 250 to 400. you just have to be...
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    check this bad boy out!!!

    I want to know why its for sale and whats with the gauges in that weird spot up front ?
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    check this bad boy out!!! if I had the money I would be all over it. I think its awesome.
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    rebuilding/ beefing up a transom ?

    thanks, I was also planing on the corner supports for sure.... how thick of aluminum should I go ??? 1/4 too thick ?
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    rebuilding/ beefing up a transom ?

    didnt have a chance to measure it but here are a few pics. Im thinking about adding a 3/8 or 1/4 aluminum plate across the entire transom, and replace the wood on the inside all the way across, as well as add some more bracing to help hold it up straight. im going to work on a drawing to...
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    rebuilding/ beefing up a transom ?

    ill take some pics tomorrow unless I can find some on my computer. also what am I looking for when I check the original thickness ? just to see how thick of wood goes back in there ?
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    rebuilding/ beefing up a transom ?

    just checked the 4 stroke 70 weighs 341, the ficht weights 360, and the etec is 375.
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    rebuilding/ beefing up a transom ?

    I have an 85 1648 that the transom has seen better days. the wood is gone, and the aluminum is cracked in a few places. Other then replacing the wood, and welding the cracks. What are some good ideas to beef it up ? I just picked up an evinrude 70hp 4 stroke dirt cheap (same as a suzuki df70)...
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    Wood burning\fire wood

    whats a heater ? and whats this thing you call winter ? we dont do these things here in fl. lol. But I wish there was a better way to keep cool in the summer because my electric bill ranges from 250 to 350 a month. But we just got a new A/C so its been going down..
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    whats my boat worth ?

    Ok, I know its not a tin, but it is a boat... anyways Ill list what it is and what its got. I dont want to sell it but I really want to put some money into my truck and get a nice welder. thanks sorry about the moldy dirty pics, its much cleaner now. thats the condition it was in when I...
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    Parking the boat

    unless your boats in the water then I wouldnt worry about the key, people who steal boats dont want your boat, they want everything on it, in it, or under it. ( trailer, outboard, electronics...) so even if they were to want to use your boat, all they need to do is put a new ignition which only...
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    Parking the boat

    cant help you on choosing spots, but something I learned recently about locks on trailers. If you just use a pad lock, where the pin hole is on the top of the receiver, your trailer can still be easily stolen with the lock on it. All it takes is a small ratchet to loosen the nut on the bottom...
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    Here's my trailer project

    looks good man, I cant wait to do both of my trailers !
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    commercial fishing, worth it or no ?

    sorry I haven't been on to check, I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled and Ive been pretty medicated. I do want to say thanks, I think all of you guys are great, I know I will not learn if its for me until I try it. This is something I would love to learn to do but, right now im trying to...
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    commercial fishing, worth it or no ?

    IMHO, things in this world, are not going to get better. human race is on a downward slope. I just dont see it happening. anyways, Im not going to get any loans for school. it is pointless to spend a ton of money thats going to take 20 years to pay off for a career that you may never even get...
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    commercial fishing, worth it or no ?

    well Im 19 and slowly going to school (lack of money and other things in life slowing me down) I havent really worked since thanksgiving last year and im tired of not working but also not willing to work minimum wage either. My cousin lives on the street behind me and hes a commercial fisher, he...