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  1. lowe1648

    Tohatsu 60/40 jet

    Same hull he runs 36 with the merc.
  2. lowe1648

    running in ice?

    I did my share of ice breaking this winter but most of it was in a prop boat. I don't try to break much more then skim ice with my jet. In the spring when the ice is soft I have no problem hitting it wot and sliding as far as I need to hit more open water.
  3. lowe1648

    Outboard Jet Tilt? Tucked or Straight?

    Let the boats performance tell you like you are planning. It will change with a load or without and each boat will be different. I had a old motor on two different boats one I had to have it tucked in and the other worked great with it 4 holes out.
  4. lowe1648

    Does a 90/65 on a 1648 lowe make me an idiot?

    My first jet was a Lowe 1648. The transom fell apart with a 40/28 2 stroke on it with a bolt on riser. How did they raise transom? If it is just some sort of bolt on riser I would plan on adding extra knee braces and corner gussets before it starts flexing.
  5. lowe1648

    Convert 1660 to jet ?

    Not sure about posts on this site but I know I have ran across them in the past about adding uhmw to .100 hulls. The list of pros is much smaller then the cons. Not sure that i have ever ran across someone that said they would add it to another .100 hull again. If it was me I would run it the...
  6. lowe1648

    Question to all

    I rarely tip up fish but there are plenty of people here in Minnesota that do. I did make it out this winter once with a fe buddies to chase some flags. We went through 5doz suckers in under 2 hrs. The pike were definitely hungry that day.
  7. lowe1648

    Iceout walleyes!!

    Why wait tell May the river is open along with the season. Prespawn eyes on the river are going good right now.
  8. lowe1648

    jet boat carnage (whos got pics)

    I have managed to not open my hull up yet but have damaged a few things along with myself. A few big dents, one shoe, one concussion, and one outboard hood. My back and pride might of been hurt once or twice while sitting high and dry.
  9. lowe1648

    Wiring In Gunwale?

    I ran my wiring in my old but through the gunwale. I ran short pieces of plastic hose into the gunwale down into the decks to keep from chaffing the wires.
  10. lowe1648

    Need Fishfinder Recommendation/Advise...

    The elites are very straight forward on the menus. I have elite 7 on my bow and it is a easier to use menu them my humminbird on the back of the boat.
  11. lowe1648

    Need suggestions

    The old 3 cylinder Yamahas were very reliable but I always heard the 90/65 were thirsty. Are you planning on fishing with 4 people or riding around? Do you plan on it being frequent? I have had 4 of us in my boat a few times and it sucks to fish with more then 3.
  12. lowe1648

    Need suggestions

    I have a 1652j alweld with a 2015 60/40 merc. With 3 of us and fishing gear it will run 28-30. My hull weighs 390 without gear in it. What size 2 stroke Yamaha are you talking about?
  13. lowe1648

    2015 Installment of the Current River Polar Bear Run Feb 7th

    You just need to fish near the power plants. I have been out all winter between cold spells.
  14. lowe1648

    New boat advice upper Mississippi river MN

    I will keep my lite weight boat that is paid for over a 30k+ boat any day. I could buy 6 new hulls and alot of spare shoes for the price you want for your used rp. It all comes down to what your needs are. If you want a decked out boat with all the frills and want to push it while running...
  15. lowe1648

    Where to buy a console?

    Before you weld pods on run it. With a forward counsel and as lite of a motor you are putting on there you should not need pods. Standing and driving a jet will bite you sooner or later. All it takes is one unexpected hit and you either end up on the bottom of the boat or swimming. After a good...
  16. lowe1648

    New boat advice upper Mississippi river MN

    There is a lopro for sale locally for 32k.There is also a 18'g3 with a 90/65 Yamaha for 12,500. I am in CR and run a 1652 alweld with a 60/40 merc. The local dealers have no idea what they are doing with a jet. I looked all over the state and ended up driving to Missouri for both my boat and...
  17. lowe1648

    20hp yamaha to jet?

    Check out outboard jets site. Looks like Yamaha 30hp 4 stroke is as small as they have listed.
  18. lowe1648

    New here! Buying boat! Help ASAP plz!

    If you plan on having 4 people in it very often I would go as big as you can. I have had 4 people in my 1652 and doing anything but riding around is a pain.
  19. lowe1648

    Running with a load

    The largest load in my boat was with 4 of us which 2 of them where in the 300+ category. I guess atleast 900lbs of people then fishing gear. My old 40/28 Yamaha got us planed out but barely.