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    Need An Anchor

    Dumb question. Got a 18’ center console. Fish some lakes but mostly the upper and lower Potomac. Got a small anchor but it won’t hold the boat when waters moving pretty good. Any suggestions as to what weigh and style anchor will work for me? Thanx in advance Blue Dawg
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    Gunwale track

    Does any aftermarket companies make accessory hold that will work on an Alumacraft trac? Dealers prices are ridiculous. Help
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    Power Jack Plate Needed

    Looking for a power Jack plate. Converting my 18’ Alumacraft 70hp Yamaha from a prop to a jet. Anybody?
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    Yamaha 70hp Conversion

    Wire nut Boats an Alumacraft 18/72 tri with center Console Guessing a Jack plate? I’ll measure the Tran some tomorrow. Sorry for slow response. Family illness
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    Rank New Spinning Reels for Fresh Water

    Had old Mitchell 300 reel forever. It’s long worn out. I bought two NEW 300’s. Pure trash. I’d like opinions on what to buy. Catfish and flounder are primary prey. 15# test line. Please offer opinions. Stay Safe and be Blessed. Blue Dawg
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    Yamaha 70hp Conversion

    Considering converting my 2019 70hp Yamaha from prop to a jet. How involved, costly, worth it? Most water I now fish in is rocky. Opinions please.
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    Ugly stik USSP601H

    I just bought. 7’ medium heavy action Ugly Stik. Paired it up with a Abu Garcia 5500 reel. Intent to used for cats and snakeheads. Your thoughts?
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    Anybody use Garmins? Pros and cons? Putting one on a new 1860 Alumacraft.
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    Who Builds Better Tins?

    Let’s hear every opinions and reasons for their choice. Please respond.
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    Just swapped a Honda 30hp prop for a Evinrude 48/35 jet

    Just to dang expensive. Id buy new first. 15,000 OK
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    Flat bottom vs tunnel

    I fish mainly in the upper Potomac. Rocky bottom. Other than there the Susquehanna river but confine myself to deeper water. Had a small Evinrude 48/35 jet, sucked the gas and really didn't give me the performance. Conversely, I had a 30hp Honda prop which ran great but I knocked the skeg off...
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    Just swapped a Honda 30hp prop for a Evinrude 48/35 jet

    Ran very well. If i had a load it had to work to get on plane. Wife convinced me to sell it a buy her a pontoon. Just sold the pontoon (used it once) Now looking for an 18’ tin. Hard to find
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    Flat bottom vs tunnel

    Gonna buy a new to me tin. I go into skinny water but rarely under 12-18”. Am I better getting a flat bottom with a jet or a tunnel and use a prop with a jack plate? Trying to get the most bang for my buck. Thanks in advance for your comments. Blue Dawg
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    Jet Comparison

    Got an 18’ Lund Jon. Tiller control. Gonna power it with a jet. How does Evinrude, Tahatsu, Mercury, Johnson and Yamaha 40 to 60 jets compare? Thanks in advance for your input. Blue Dawg
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    Lund tins

    Compared to newer brands how do Lund boats compare? Blue Dawg
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    Looking for a 18’-20’ tin in MD PA VA DEL WVA NJ

    Looking for a used 18-20’ tin with a prop or jet in my area. Must be a welded hull. Controls or tiller. Message or email at [email protected] Thanks Blue Dawg
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    Just swapped a Honda 30hp prop for a Evinrude 48/35 jet

    We mounted the motor yesterday. Transom height is perfect. Couldn't be luckier.
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    Just swapped a Honda 30hp prop for a Evinrude 48/35 jet

    Boat is a Lowe 1652. Jon with semi v front with console. Buddy I fish with is a mechanic. We'll set it up
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    Just swapped a Honda 30hp prop for a Evinrude 48/35 jet

    Whatever it takes. I know it will be thirstier. I just can't go where I want to with a prop motor and can't afford a new engine. These OMC motors are tough and long lasting if taken care of and maintained.
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    Just swapped a Honda 30hp prop for a Evinrude 48/35 jet

    Excited. Been wanting to power my Lowes 1652 tin with a jet. Other gentleman needed to go smaller. What's everyone's thoughts?