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    Suzuki EFI 25/30hp

    Funny, I was just looking at that setup earlier. :LOL2:
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    Suzuki EFI 25/30hp

    Probably, I'm holding off on installing it until I get it broke in.
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    Suzuki EFI 25/30hp

    Thanks, will do. I read the 30 ECU has 1k higher redline than the 25's, and that they both have the same low end amd mid range. That 30 ECU only makes the extra 5hp at those higher RPMs, so better for cruising speed. We'll see.
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    Suzuki EFI 25/30hp

    Ordered the DF25AS (short shaft) through a local dealer. With discount, it came to 3250. Took the money I saved and ordered the DF30 ECU and the battery charge kit. So less than 4k total. Going to try it out first before I dump any money on a tilt n trim.
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    Looking for an obsolete part

    There's a place by me in FL that sells all kinds of used boat parts for older engines and boats. Look up Marine Parts Outlet (Stuart FL, and Meritt Island FL) and contact them to see if they may have a used one available.
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    tahatsu 5 hp propane From Tohatsu
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    1994 Polar Kraft 17ft Bass America

    Only info I have is the company has changed hands 3 times so far (probably more but I can't find anything past 2006 and yours is a 90's model). It's now Apex Marine. Before that, it was Godfry Marine (2016) and before them (~2006) it was Nautic Marine Group. All while still being made in...
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    Oldness Test

    [emoji1787][emoji1787] Used to make fun of my younger brother because of that commercial. His name was Mikey too. "Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything!" Was usally followed by a "Shut up, it's not funny guys...I hate that cereal!"
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    New Toy?

    Those SHERPS are fun to operate. They float too..
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    Suzuki EFI 25/30hp

    Yeah, no thanks to BRP. Now another reason on the list for me to hate Sea•Doo. [emoji2959][emoji2959] No shortage of any marine service dealer/center here, it's Florida. Like I mentioned, the majority of shops only carry the three brands and their parts. Just not a lot of "portables" in stock...
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    Suzuki EFI 25/30hp

    South Florida is a boating/beach state, so all motor brands are a little up in price. Lol. IE: I've seen them all cheaper in other states, but the shipping costs would put you right back where our motors are priced.
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    Suzuki EFI 25/30hp

    I wanted an Evenrude Etec, but there are no more left. (I loved my old 1996 Evinrude 9.9. Never gave me one issue..but it's too small for this boat). My only other options here (where I live in South Florida) is Mercury and Yamaha. Going to get hate on both my opinions/feelings here but 1) I'm...
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    Suzuki EFI 25/30hp

    Anyone using the new Suzuki EFI 25 or 30hp? I have a new 2021 Polarkraft Dakota 1670 and was considering that motor for my V-hull. What do you like or dislike about them if so. I will only have 2, maybe 3 people max in my boat. (Pic of my new boat I want to put said motor on)
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    Gas smell

    Fittings are dirt cheap too. Less than 5 bucks and you're on your way.
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    Cost of Fishing License

    In FL once you turn 65 no license needed just a Valid FL ID or Drivers License.
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    Cost of Fishing License

    17 bucks in FL for freshwater. But I just get the Military Sportsman Gold for 20 bucks instead.
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    Conversion in question

    With some effort and creativity, I don't see why not. [emoji106]
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    Post a Pic of your boat!

    My new 2021 Polar Kraft Dakota 1670.
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    New Member Introductions!

    I've had an account and have lurked for quite some time here, just reading amd looking over project pics for fun. But I have a 2019 Tracker Topper 1436 w/1994 Evinrude 9.9hp. It was a great boat for me and my son and scooted just fine. But then the wife qent out one time and had fun. So, I kept...
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    Potential Jon Boat Owner

    Sweet! [emoji106][emoji106]