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  1. Zum

    What have you been up to lately?

    Rabbit hunting on Saturdays...searching forums, utube for outboards, wondering if I should treat myself.
  2. Zum

    Show us your Motorcycles

    Really like my drz400 but mostly for dirt roads and trails, with knobbies it gets buzzy on pave. Needed the 1250 bandit because the wife likes to go now.
  3. Zum

    Show us your Motorcycles

    Bottom one is now my hips wouldnt handle it anymore. Somehow I ended up with all Suzuki's...Ive had others,not brand loyal just whats in my shed currently.
  4. Zum

    Cracked ribs in large boat questions

    Respectfully disagree with the above post....totally fixable.(not full of pinholes is it?) Exspensive,maybe(dont know your budget)get an estimate before diving in...we all know what BOAT stands for Sandblasting not needed before welding, sure get it down to bare metal but any welder would do...
  5. Zum

    Prop size

    Not sure why it says no war in my post...not my doings,doesnt show up when I go to edit
  6. Zum

    Prop size

    I have a 1652 (crestliner,also has a tunnel), anyways,had a dt 40hp Suzuki and used a 14 pitch. Only have a 30hp now but by myself sometimes Ill switch to a 13 pitch, normally use an 11.
  7. Zum

    Exactly how high should I mount my outboard

    Without a tach cant say for sure if its a prop saying that it very well could be. They make cheap induction tachs that could help you dial that in. Maybe I missed it but put the boat size shape and prop pitch you currently have and someone may have a similar setup to help. For me, its...
  8. Zum

    Did it....Purchased a 2017 Alumacraft V16!

  9. Zum

    When manufactures say 100 gauge...

    Do they mean .100? Do they mean 100 of 1000ths... or.1...smaller then an 1/8th Chart(s) have me confused. All for is 100 gauge 10 , 11 ,12 or 13 gauge?
  10. Zum

    Progress of the Lowe 170

    Nice boat, my son just bought a 18' stinger with the 70hp Johnson(suzuki).
  11. Zum

    Miami International 2022

    At 128 lbs...i know thats the short shaft manual version(probably)...still though getting closer to my old 2 stroke Sent from my SM-T500 using Tapatalk
  12. Zum

    Miami International 2022

    Anyo e going to this? I see Tohatsu has a new lighter 25 30 hp outboard...128lbs but want more info on the motor, cant seem to find any. There have it at this boat show.
  13. Zum

    Gasoline Prices

    Seeing as i drive an oversized 4x4 tundra, not aloud to complain. I will be looking to downsize but nothing has caught my eye. Smaller trucks around here are just as expensive and not alot better on fuel. Thought someone would make a small diesel but fuel is as high as gas now. Maybe a bronco...
  14. Zum


    Its mostly the weight saving im looking for as well. I charge my batteries in the basement and lugging a group 31 around is getting old, just like me. Im also thinking of going to a 4 stroke, which is going to add some weight as well depemding on which hp i go with. I know i can move things...
  15. Zum


    Anyone but the lifepo4 batteries through amazon? They seem to be half the price of what i can find through other places. Canadian price of $550 ish, with the little searching ive done the mext lowest is $960 for a 100 aH 12V. Do you think i would need a 100aH , for a 55lbs thrust trolling motor?
  16. Zum

    Gasoline Prices

    Come up to Canada, you'll appreciate your prices more...even California's I'm on the east coast, its around 1.38 a liter, daughters on the west coast $1.68/ liter...5/6 gallon
  17. Zum

    Boat speed and rpms

    Not sure what you have for a boat but like you say those speeds may not happen(lots of variables). WOT for me is around 28mph...30hp 2 stroke on a 1652
  18. Zum

    Boat speed and rpms

    I bought the tiny tach brand and it worked perfect,lasted 5/6 years. I cheaped out and bought a knock off this time and it seems to be double of what it's supposed to be. I dont know maybe I just dont have it.set right. The tiny tach people had good customer service and will tell you which one...
  19. Zum

    4 stroke sat for years

    Thought I'd do a follow up...Good news... got it going Thanks for mentioning the "vst"...the fuel that was in the tank i used in my lawn mower, didnt have any funky smell(4 years old) Took it for an hour cruise(salt water)hno hick ups Is there a way to see how many hours are on a 2003 ish 4...
  20. Zum

    Deer season

    Ive been in my stand every evening for the last 2 an a half weeks. Lots of does,fawns and 1 little spike but nothing to get my heart rate up yet. Still warm(not 90 warm) and the fn mosquito are driving me crazy but it only takes 1 night to get lucky. I only used my bow last season, probably...